BREAKING: First Antifa Scum ARRESTED At Berkeley Riots! Here’s What We Know

Antifa Scum

Over the past year, Berkeley students have been rioting, burning down cars, smashing windows, and assaulting innocent people.

All of this usually blows up when a conservative speaker, such as Milo Yiannopolous or Ann Coulter, rolls into town. Recently, however, the riots have been growing more and more violent.

The protesters that are rioting against freedom of speech, claim that it’s “hate speech,” and therefore must be shut down. They go by the name of “Antifa,” short for “Anti-Fascism.”

Many critics, such as Paul Joseph Watson and Mike Cernovich, have pointed out that while these people say they’re against Fascists, they use Fascist techniques to shut down freedom of speech, such as intimidation and even outright violence.

Infuriatingly, the Berkeley police department has largely refused to do anything…until today. Up until now, the liberal leaders throughout Berkeley have been ordering police to stand down, even when these fascists were rioting, hitting Trump supporters with bike locks, throwing M80’s into crowds, and stabbing people.

Today, however, Berkeley started moving in the right direction by arresting the first Fascist protester:

Although it may seem drastic to arrest someone for wearing a mask, understand that the radical Fascist group is known for following mob tactics. They cover themselves with masks, so as not to be identified, and then completely swarm innocent Trump-supporters.

I realize that this may be hard to believe, seeing that freedom of speech is a RIGHT in this country, but take a look at some of the footage below:

…and that’s one of the more mild videos. There’s footage of one man, Eric Clanton, bashing someone over the head with a bike lock. There’s footage of a masked Fascist rioter stabbing a Trump supporter. There’s footage of people throwing smoke bombs and using bear mace on trump supporters.

It’s always the Left that’s escalating the violence—Trump supporters initially showed up to simply protest, and fight for our freedom of speech. They quickly realized, however, that these Fascist scum are not below using violence to intimidate.

In response, the pro-Trump patriots have been bringing shields to protect themselves, bandages and gauze to heal the wounded, and even Kevlar and gas masks to protect themselves from chemical and physical assaults.

One may wonder why these groups have gotten so popular, when it’s very clear that they’re just a bunch of broke college liberals with no real world experience…well, upon investigation, it appears that several elites are backing this Fascist group.

The first of which, is known as George Soros—this Hungarian billionaire is known for creating chaos throughout the world, and then profiting from it. He was behind the UK’s crash of the late 1990’s, he’s behind the immigrant crisis of Europe, and he’s behind this Fascist group..

In addition to this, Reverend Al Sharpton and Michael Moore have also been supporting these violent Fascist rioters. Big surprise, isn’t it? Al Sharpton is known for his ridiculous race-baiting tactics, and Michael Moore is known for his extremely left-leaning documentaries, so it’s not a surprise that these criminals are behind this.

As Antifa, or should I say the Fascist movement, has grown more and more violent, police have finally stepped in, as you saw in the tweet above. Although it isn’t much, it’s a start—the REAL change is coming from the civilian patriots showing up there, though.

If you support freedom of speech, and condemn these Berkeley thugs, give this article a share. God bless these men fighting for our rights!

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