BREAKING: Gunmen Abduct 16 People From Resort Restaurant in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta

Early reports are coming in that armed men have stormed a popular resort restaurant in Puerto Vallarta and have abducted at lease 16 people.

Authorities are saying the perpetrators had pulled up at 1:30 am in SUV’s when an unknown number of men entered La Leche restaurant on the city’s main boulevard, which runs through the hotel zone between the old beach city and the airport.

Mexican media is reporting that at least 16 were abducted and kidnapped but officials are not giving an exact number at this time.

Jalisco Gov. Aristoteles Sandoval said through his official Twitter account that such violence would not be tolerated and a search was underway for the victims and the kidnappers.

“To the residents and tourists of Puerto Vallarta, I inform you that we have reinforced security so that you can go on as usual,” Sandoval wrote.

Now that Barack Obama has paid a $400 million dollars ransom to Iran for 4  jailed Americans, kidnappings will escalate because they think they can collect a large from the USA.

Sadly enough, Mexican cartels and Middle Eastern countries including terrorists from around the world will probably step of the intensities of kidnappings before Obama is out of office. Why? Because they know they have a sucker they can get money out of instead of being hunted down and killed. 

Personally, I wouldn’t step foot in Mexico. Cartels know where to go and that is where the money is…in kidnapped American’s from upscale resorts. We have our own paradise in America, it’s called Hawaii – go there.

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