BREAKING: Hackers Attack Pamela Geller’s Website – Here’s How to Help

On Wednesday afternoon, hackers took down Pamela Geller’s website, the Geller Report, in a DDOS attack. An unknown person or group flooded Geller’s servers with traffic, causing an overload that took the site offline.

It’s the latest attack Geller has endured as she works to expose Islamic radicalism, a crusade that has led to a number of death threats. In 2015, an art show Geller sponsored that featured anti-Islamic works was attacked by two Muslim radicals, who opened fire at the site with automatic weapons. The two men were killed, a security guard was shot in the ankle, and ISIS claimed responsibility.

Just over a month ago, Taylor Lorenz of The Daily Beast wrote a hit piece on Geller’s daughters, who are social media personalities. The daughters do not publicly talk about their mother, likely for security reasons. Lorenz, however, had not problem exposing that fact, in a blatant attempt to hurt their careers.

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In an email appeal to supporters, Geller outlined the situation, and asked for donations to help cover the cost of having IT specialists combat the DDOS attack and get them back online.

Here is the text of the email. The contribution links are not included, but a donation link is included in the tweet below.

Geller Report readers and subscribers cannot access GR because the website is under DDoS attack.

The site has been down for the past 18 hours. We are working furiously to get it back online. The costs associated with these attacks are substantial. IT expertise, cyber-security, bandwidth etc are staggering. We need your help. If you believe in the work we are doing, contribute here.

We need to work harder to get the message out and cover the news the media won’t cover –especially now when the leftist/Islamic machine is steamrolling over our first, second and fourth amendment rights.

The social media giants are systematically silencing us and the GOP is standing by, doing nothing.

If you understand the critical role my colleagues and I provide despite the attacks on our good names, reputations and familes, then contribute here.

Or send your contribution to:

Pamela Geller, Geller Report

1040 1st Avenue #121

New York, NY 10022

The time is now to step up. We can’t do it alone.

Here is a tweet from Geller with a link to donate.

Post your thoughts in the comments section below on the attack on Pamela Geller. In addition, share this on social media.

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