Clinton coughing fit

“Sick Hillary” is back, coughing up phlegm like it was an excuse for losing the election. The former presidential candidate and reckless email server owner delivered the commencement address this morning at Wellesley College, her alma mater. And it got gross pretty quickly.

A few minutes into her speech, graduates were treated to yet another Clinton coughing fit. Thankfully, she didn’t completely fall apart or had to be carried to her van after becoming a limp noodle, as she is prone to do. The students, to their credit, did their best to make light of the latest Hillary Clinton coughing fit. None of them marched out to protest her big money donors or her cover-up of her husband’s sexual crimes.

While the media freaks out over a supposed shove by President Trump, can you imagine what would have happened had “President Clinton” coughed up a piece of her lung on a world leader at NATO headquarters?

The Washington Free Beacon reports.

A familiar problem from the campaign trail hit Hillary Clinton while she spoke at Wellesley College’s commencement on Friday, when she began coughing and needed some water and a throat lozenge.

Although Clinton was hoarse for several minutes, she drank some water, took the lozenge, persisted, and her voice returned.

It should be noted that Wellesley College is not exactly the model of diversity. As an elite private women’s college, men are not exactly welcomed. Only 3% of the students are male. Minorities aren’t exactly welcome either, unless you are Asian. Over 40% of the students are white, while over 23% of the students are Asian. Latinos make up less than 9% of the student body, while blacks make up just over 5%. Their famous alumni include (besides Clinton) Madeleine Albright and Diane Sawyer, who are (in case you didn’t notice) privileged white women.

Here is the video.

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