BREAKING: High school students protesting Trump trash a restaurant (VIDEO)

immigration protest

A fried chicken restaurant took the brunt of the anger from Dallas high school students protesting President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration.

On Friday, students at Molina High School in Dallas walked out to protest the President. Students marched down the street to a Church’s Fried Chicken restaurant.

According to workers at the restaurant, the rowdy crowd broke out at least one window and caused general chaos and mayhem.

immigration protest
The front window of a Church’s Chicken restaurant broken by protesting students. (WFAA)

As was the case nationwide, it appears the walkouts had little to do with immigration or the President. It seems to be merely an excuse to skip school and break the law.

ABC affiliate WFAA in Dallas reported on the incident, in the news report below.

The riot itself is buried in the story, as the reporter seems more concerned about the feelings of the students.

The employees of Church’s chicken would likely have a different view than the students who protested.


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