BREAKING HILLARY SCANDAL: Clinton funneled weapons to Libyan Rebels, Made American Arms Dealer a Scapegoat (VIDEO)

Hillary scandal

Hillary scandal

Tonight on Fox News’ Special Report, Catherine Herridge interviewed Marc Turi, an licensed American arms dealer who was charged by the U.S. government with trying to sell weapons to Libya. The charges were recently dropped, and Turi is making a startling accusation: he was asked by Hillary Clinton’s State Department to broker the sale of arms to Libyan rebels, and the charges came as an attempt to cover up the government’s role in the deal when it went wrong.

As the interview below shows, Turi was the go-between for the deal, but was ultimately cut out of the process. After the deal went south and the weapons ended up in the hands of America’s enemies instead, the government washed their hands of the affair and made Turi the scapegoat. Watch the video and see how Turi says Hillary Clinton botched an arms sale that saw our own guns likely being used against us.

The situation is even more proof that Clinton is unable to handle the Middle East crisis.

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