BREAKING: Hotel Receipt Suggests Las Vegas Shooter Had a Second Person In His Room

Vegas shooter hotel receipt

A receipt reportedly from the suite Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock had at Mandalay Bay is only adding more questions to an already confusing storyline.

An employee at the hotel appears to have provided a receipt of a meal Paddock supposedly ordered, and suggests that he had someone else in the room with him.

Journalist Laura Loomer broke the story, which included a photo posted to Facebook showing a room service order for Paddock’s suite. The rather large meal order was dated September 27, a day before authorities say he checked in.

The person who posted the photo later deleted it, and claims they work at Mandalay Bay.

The authenticity of the receipt has not been confirmed by authorities, but the picture clearly shows it is a duplicate receipt, printed after the fact.

Not only does the receipt challenge the official timeline, it shows that there are two guests in the room. However, this could be a simple input error in the order, and does not confirm a second person was actually in the room. We do know that Paddock’s girlfriend was not in the country at the time. She is a former casino employee, and Paddock used her ID in getting the room.

Facebook users point out that, despite the receipt naming two guests, the meal itself could be for one person – with a large enough appetite. There is only a single entree – a burger – on the order. The addition of soup and a bagel, while overpriced, doesn’t necessarily prove a second person.

Here is the receipt. Note the date and the guest number.

More from The Daily Mail.

Room service receipts from the Las Vegas shooter’s stay at the Mandalay Bay resort and casino reveal his insatiable appetite – and raise questions about the official timeline of the massacre.

A man who works at the Mandalay Bay posted a receipt to Facebook Tuesday night, claiming that he served Paddock in his suite on the 32nd floor of the hotel.

The receipt shows that on September 27, Paddock ordered a large meal to his room including a burger, a bagel, potato soup, a bottle of water and two Pepsis.

Four days later, Paddock used the same room to open fire on a music festival taking place across the street – killing 58 and injuring 527.

The receipt says that the meal was for two people, but it’s unclear if there actually was another person in the room.

Police previously said that Paddock used his girlfriend’s ID when he checked in, so that could account for the count of people staying in the room.

And another source told journalist Laura Loomer that Paddock was actually checked in as early as September 25.

By all accounts, Paddock was a man of few words who never sought to interact with others beyond his live-in companion, Marilou Danley, a 62-year-old former casino employee described by authorities as person of interest in the investigation.

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