BREAKING: Intruder scales fence, tries to enter White House – HERE’S WHAT WE KNOW

A White House intruder was captured attempting to enter the south entrance of the executive residence, multiple sources are reporting. The man, who was carrying a backpack, was arrested after scaling a fence and running across the lawn to a door.

This can mean either one of two things. Either President Trump is so popular, fans are scaling fences just to see him, or liberals are so furious, they are jumping fences to get at him.

Either way, it appears the Secret Service and members of the National Park Service responded quickly.

The Daily Mail provides details.

A man wearing a backpack was arrested on White House grounds after he breached security by scaling a fence on Friday.

A Secret Service agent spotted the intruder near the South Portico entrance at 11.38pm while President Donald Trump was in the residence, CNN reported.

The suspect was arrested and taken into custody. His identity was not released.

The man reportedly told officers he was a ‘friend of the president’ and jumped the fence because he had an ‘appointment’ to see him, the police report obtained by the network said.

The White House was put under a code ‘orange’ which is the highest levels of security for the Secret Service, the network reported. Agents said the president was not in danger.

In a statement on Saturday the Secret Service said the man had not been carrying anything dangerous.

A sketch has been released of the person arrested.

White House intruder

Sorry. We just couldn’t resist.

We will update this story when new details emerge.



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