BREAKING: Iran Just Stabbed Trump in the Back – Look What They Announced About Their Nuclear Program

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Iran has repeatedly caused trouble on the world’s arena. They have sought further nuclear weapons, they have interfered with global political strategy, and they have threatened global peace.

So when Donald Trump is caught up dealing with the nuclear threat that North Korea poses, it seems appropriate that Iran would come out with a shocking new announcement. They’re taking advantage of the fact that President Trump is occupied.

Over the past several months, Donald Trump has been flooded with threats from North Korea. They’ve threatened to strike at our mainland, end us, and even destroy the “heart of the US,” which presumably means our capital.

Thankfully, Secretary of Defense Mad Dog Mattis has guided Trump’s moves expertly, with his decades of experience as a military strategist. Trump made the right decision in hiring a no-BS, straight shooting four star general as his Defense Secretary, but he may need to ask more of Mattis yet.

Iran has just announced that they may be restarting their nuclear program, if the US decides to impose any more new sanctions. According to MSN:

Iran’s president has warned that it could restart its nuclear program “within hours” if the United States imposes any more new sanctions.

Hassan Rouhani also said the program would be more advanced than in 2015, when Iran curbed its nuclear activities as part of a deal with world powers.

Iran says unilateral US sanctions targeting its ballistic missile program breach the agreement.

But the US says Iran’s missile tests have violated a UN resolution.

The resolution endorsed the nuclear deal and called upon Iran not to “undertake any activity related to ballistic missiles designed to be capable of delivering nuclear weapons, including launches using such ballistic missile technology.”

Despite this obvious smack in the face to global stability, Iran leader Hassan Rouhani has insisted that his nuclear program is “entirely peaceful.” How dumb do they think we are, that we would actually believe they’re just testing nuclear weapons for “peaceful reasons?”

This wouldn’t be the first time that Donald Trump has butt heads with the Iran President, either. He’s repeatedly threatened to end the US nuclear agreement with Iran, due to their repeated missile testing which breaches said agreement.

US President Donald Trump has repeatedly threatened to pull out of the nuclear agreement, and after a missile test at the end of January his administration declared that the US would no longer turn “a blind eye to Iran’s hostile and belligerent actions”.

While acknowledging that the test was “not a direct violation” of the nuclear agreement, it imposed sanctions on 25 individuals and entities connected to its missile program and the powerful Revolutionary Guards force.

Further sanctions targeting six Iranian companies were announced in late July following Iran’s launch of a rocket capable of putting a satellite into orbit.

President Trump has also signed into law a bill passed by Congress, which would impose sanctions on individuals who help Iran in developing their nuclear program. Once again, Donald Trump is doing everything he can to preserve world peace, but these tyrannical despots are intent on destroying it.

In response to this move on Trump’s part, Iran has decided to increase the budget for their ballistic missile program. They’ve accused Trump of being delusional, claiming that imposing sanctions on the dangerous country’s nuclear program is something of the past.

On Sunday, Iran’s MPs responded to the move by voting overwhelmingly in favor of legislation to increase the budget for the country’s ballistic missile program and the Revolutionary Guards’ external operations arm, the Quds Force.

In a speech to parliament on Tuesday, Iran’s president stressed that Iran wanted to abide by its commitments under the nuclear deal, which he called a “model of victory for peace and diplomacy”. But he warned that this was not the “only option”.

“Those who try to return to the language of threats and sanctions are prisoners of their past delusions,” Mr Rouhani said.

“If they want to go back to that experience, definitely in a short time – not weeks or months, but in the scale of hours and days – we will return to our previous situation very much stronger.”

Thankfully, most of our Congress disagrees with these moronic words. Iran has repeatedly threatened peace throughout the Middle East, and if they were to further their nuclear research programs, it would be an absolute disaster.

They’re counting on the fact that President Trump will be too focused on North Korea to respond appropriately, but if there’s anything that Donald Trump has shown us, it’s that he can win even against all odds.

He fought the corrupt mainstream media and won his way into the oval office. He expertly negotiated with Russia, averting a third world war. He intimidated Kim Jong Un into backing down on his threats to nuke Guam…and now? He’ll deal with Iran President Hassan Rouhani in the same way.

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