BREAKING: ISIS suicide bombing near U.S. Embassy INJURES THREE AMERICAN SOLDIERS; civilians killed

U.S. embassy bombing

American military forces in Kabul, Afghanistan have been targeted by ISIS with a suicide bombing just outside the U.S. Embassy. The bombing left three soldiers injured, with a number of civilians dead.

The attack occurred Wednesday morning on a Kabul street near the embassy. ISIS took to social media after the blast to claim responsibility for the blast. They even posted a picture of a person they said was the suicide bomber. However, just last week, the Taliban in Afghanistan announced it was starting a new offensive against American forces. Despite the claim of responsibility, it remains unclear which radical Islamic faction actually carried out the attack. The violence is a likely response to the announcement by the American military that more U.S. forces are headed back to Afghanistan.

The bombing targeted a NATO convoy, but the convoy used American armored vehicles, which is why the convoy was likely targeted. According to reports, the vehicles are designed to withstand mines and other blasts, and they were able to return to base.

Reports also say eight civilians were killed, and dozens more were wounded. Although it has not been confirmed, it appears the dead were civilians near the blast, and were not part of the convoy itself.

CNN provides details.

A car bomb targeting a convoy of foreign troops exploded near the US Embassy in Kabul on Wednesday, killing eight people and wounding 25 others, an Afghan official said.

Three U.S. troops were among the wounded, a US military official said.

The blast hit at 7:55 a.m. (local time) in Kabul police district 9, near the embassy and Supreme Court, according to interior ministry spokesman Najib Danish.

The convoy targeted was mine-resistant and can withstand ambushes, coalition officials tweeted.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack. In a statement posted by its media arm Amaq, the terror group said one of its members targeted “a column of American forces.”

Newsweek provides more details on the U.S. embassy bombing.

Health Ministry Spokesman Wahid Majrouh told Al-Jazeera the injured had been moved to two nearby hospitals and that a number were in critical condition. Several of those wounded in the attack are believed to be members of Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security, the country’s intelligence service.

On 26 April the U.S. Army announced  it would deploy a further 1,500 soldiers to Afghanistan in the coming months to counter attacks by the the Taliban and a burgeoning affiliate to the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) in the country.

The U.S. currently has 8,500 military personnel to “advise, train and assist missions, including counter terrorism and air support” for local security forces, according to the U.S. Naval Institute.

The soldiers injured have not been identified. We will report more as details become available.

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