BREAKING: Judge tosses Donald Trump lawsuit over NEVADA VOTING FRAUD



A judge has tossed a lawsuit by Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump over voting irregularities in the state of Nevada.

This is how Hillary Clinton wins – by bending the rules to benefit her. The Trump campaign filed a lawsuit early Tuesday after learning that early voting locations that may have benefited Democrat voters were kept open longer hours. A judge later threw out the suit.

It’s a common tactic by Democrats to expand voting opportunities to benefit them, claiming marginalization or disenfranchisement. In this case, it just happens to occur (to Democrats, at least) in a swing state where Donald Trump is doing well and Democrats need a boost.

The Associated Press reports.

A lawsuit filed Tuesday in Nevada court asks that records from four early voting spots that allegedly stayed open too late last Friday be impounded and preserved.

CNN and other media outlets have reported that Judge Gloria Sturman dismissed the lawsuit later Tuesday.

Long lines kept polls open past the 7 p.m. posted closing time at locations that included a Mexican market and several shopping centers. Officials say at one site, the last voter cast a ballot after 10 p.m.

Criticism is also coming from state Republican Party chief Michael McDonald.

But Democrat Hillary Clinton’s campaign is dismissing the Nevada case in a Twitter message, calling it “a frivolous lawsuit.”

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