BREAKING: Liberal Media Blasts Trump For ‘Violent’ Meme in Tweet, But Ignores The Truth Behind It

Trump train meme

With liberals looking for anything they can to smear the President’s name, one might think that he would be treading very cautiously, but that’s just not the case. President Trump seems to have made the cautious decision to not let the liberals terrorize him. He’s going about his job and his life the same way he would if he weren’t receiving such fierce opposition.

After President Trump retweeted a meme today, however, the media lost their mind once again. They accused the President of promoting violence, but the truth behind the meme tells a much different story.

This makes for some interesting interactions and, as you know doubt know, tweets. The President has been hotly criticized for his tweeting habits, but so far he has continued. Some think it’s brave, some find it objectionable, but the President finds it an effective way of communicating, so he persists. There are times though when it’s pretty clear that he just wants to see who will take offense to what he tweets. That was the case with a Trump Train meme that he re-tweeted from a loyal fan.

The entire liberal part of the nation seems to be up in arms about it,  but just wait till you see the original.

From Charlie Spiering at Breitbart News:

President Donald Trump retweeted a meme shared by one of his supporters Tuesday morning, showing a cartoon “Trump Train” running into a person with CNN’s logo for a head.

“Fake news can’t stop the Trump Train,” the text of the cartoon meme read.

Trump’s decision to share the image triggered outrage from reporters, who compared it to Saturday’s violence in Charlottesville.

I just love the way that tweet is intentionally putting President Trump’s name in with the “Nazi”. We can assume he means “Nazi-loving”, not “Nazi-living” but you still get the message; President Trump isn’t to be trusted.

The image that he is promoting is a political machine (the metaphorical “Trump Train”) finally winning against the propaganda peddling mainstream media. That hasn’t happened in a while, and it’s partly due to the President’s usage of social media such as Twitter.

And this is a classic example of snowflake logic 101. Stretch the truth, make people assume something dramatically worse than what’s actually happening and then retreat to your safe space.

The liberal tirade of name calling and wolf crying went on for a while. There were many more examples, but we wouldn’t want you to lose your lunch viewing it.

It should be noted that the whole thing was an allegory; the train represented the incredible force with which the American people propel the President and his agenda forward and CNN was obviously standing in front of that train, willfully. The thing about trains is that they have tracks; their path isn’t unexpected and it’s even illegal in many places to hang out on the tracks. If CNN were a real person, and Trump were a real train, it still wouldn’t be the train’s fault that CNN were standing on the tracks! The entire thing is a ridiculously blown out of proportion publicity stunt. Was the timing inopportune? Sure, but raise your hand if you’ve never posted something on social media without fully considering the timing and then gotten heat for it. Yeah, that’s most of us.

The last point is this; the original cartoon was not depicted with CNN at all, it was the Democratic party who was trying to stand in the way of President Trump’s progress. You might think it’s unconstitutional for someone to defy the wishes of the DNC, but it’s really not. In fact, it is unconstitutional for anyone to suppress free speech, which seems to be what’s happening here.

I admit the President may not be overly concerned about whether or not he’s hurting people’s feelings, but being worried about what other people think isn’t really how he got to where he is. Also, there’s a difference in between trying to hurt people’s feelings and just not trying to not hurt their feelings. The first one is intentional affliction of emotional harm (which doesn’t at all apply here) and the second is just minding your own business.

What are your thoughts on the Trump Train meme? Let us know in the comments, and in addition, share this on social media.

(Source: Breitbart News)

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