BREAKING: Look What America Just BOMBED- Obama Is PISSED OFF

President Trump is taking care of business wiping out Muslim Jihads at a record pace. For 2 consecutive nights, US drones and jets hammered Al Qaeda militants in Yemen, conducting over 30 airstrikes against the terrorist group long considered the biggest threat to the United States.

The U.S. military is conducting the strikes against al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula across three provinces in Yemen, according to Pentagon spokesman, Capt. Jeff Davis. It is unclear if the airstrikes are continuing through the weekend.

The Foundation for Defense of Democracies Long War Journal reports that the U.S. military has averaged 30 airstrikes a year since 2012.

 In just two nights this week, the U.S. military has already exceeded the five-year average.HELL YEAH!

 at Fox News reports that on Monday, the Pentagon delivered a “preliminary plan” to defeat the Islamic State. Included in the plan was a broader look at defeating other terrorist groups “outside of Iraq and Syria” according to officials.

The new American airstrikes in Yemen come weeks after a Navy SEAL raid in Yemen on Jan. 29 which resulted in the death of Senior Chief Petty Officer Ryan Owens, a member of the elite SEAL Team Six unit who carried out the operation. Since the raid, critics (democrats) have called it a failure. On Friday, the Pentagon pushed back.

During a briefing with reporters, a US defense official said the intelligence gathered from the Navy SEAL raid on Jan 29 is potentially actionable,” which could thwart future terrorist attacks.

“It’s definitely helping us understand the [AQAP] network and further develop it out,” the official said.

“Large volumes of information,” were part of the stash of intelligence the SEALs collected on the target during the operation, the official said. “It’s good information,” he said.

The US embassy closed in Yemen two years ago, and a short time later more than 100 US special operations forces were also withdrawn. The lack of US military personnel on the ground the past two years has led to “gaps” in knowledge about the terrorist group, according to a defense official.

Watch the report from FOX:

It’s important to note that US officials say that Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula [AQAP] presents a greater threat to the US homeland than ISIS, because of its history pursuing “non-metallic” bombs which can slip through airport screening undetected.

AQAP sent the “Underwear Bomber” on Christmas Day in 2009 who attempted to down an American airliner on its approach to Detroit from Europe.

The terrorist group also sent fighters to Paris to kill the staff of Charlie Hebdo in 2015.


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