JUST IN: Man claiming to have car bomb stopped at White House gate

White House bomb scare

A man claiming to have a car bomb was confronted at the White House gate late Saturday night. The man’s identity has not been revealed. However, the Secret Service has yet to confirm that there actually was a White House bomb scare.

The Secret Service reported a situation occurred Saturday night, but has not confirmed that a bomb was involved. They report that a person was taken into custody at the White House gate, but CNN has added the details of a bomb threat.

Reuters provides the details on the incident.

One person was in custody after a suspicious vehicle drove up to a White House checkpoint on Saturday night, the Secret Service said, after CNN reported that the driver claimed to have a bomb.

CNN, citing two law enforcement sources, said there was no confirmation of any device in the vehicle but that security at the White House had been upgraded.

The Secret Service said an unidentified driver was taken into custody after a suspicious vehicle approached a checkpoint, but made no mention of any claims of an explosive device.

Several streets around the White House were closed.

Other authorities could not be reached immediately to confirm more details.

U.S. President Donald Trump was in Florida at the time of both incidents.

The incident was actually the second security scare at the White House Saturday. Earlier in the day, a person was arrested after jumping a bike rack in a buffer zone just outside the White House grounds. The person as tackled by Secret Service agents before he could get over the fence.

Just over a week ago, a man scaled the White House fence and actually made it on to the grounds. It took nearly 16 minutes before the Secret Service could find and detain the man. He was caught carrying a backpack and claiming to have an appointment with President Trump.

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