Conservative reporter Jack Posobiec of Rebel Media was covering the May Day protest in Washington D.C. this morning when he was attacked by ANTIFA members. A video posted on his Twitter account (included below) shows the assault. At least one individual at the protest who attacked him was arrested.

Posobiec was at Meridian Hill Park covering the rather small protest when the May Day protest turned violent. Beforehand, he posted this picture to Twitter, after an ANTIFA member put a communist flag (used by the International Workers of the World) on the statue of Joan of Arc.

May Day protest

He then tweeted that he was assaulted at least twice in unprovoked attacks. He posted this video of the second attack.

He then posted this picture of the assailant.

May Day protest

A short time later, he posted a photo (at the top of this article) of a protester being arrested. Posobiec said he was one of his assailants, and waved his communist flag in his face, saying “It’s OK because I’m non-binary.”

Posobiec later tweeted a picture of himself, appearing to be fine despite the assault.

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