BREAKING: Mitt Romney Diagnosed With Cancer – Here’s What We Know

Mitt Romney

Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year, various media sources are reporting.

The diagnosis was made earlier this year, and Romney underwent surgery this past summer, it was revealed. Doctors have deemed the surgery a success, and the prognosis is good.

Although Romney has been given a good prognosis, it is unclear if the cancer treatments will derail any plans for him to run for the Senate in Utah. Orrin Hatch is retiring, and Romney, who served as governor of Massachusetts before running for President, was considered a favorite to run for the seat.

Rmney raised the ire of then-candidate Donald Trump by questioning his conservatism and ability to lead. After the election, however, the two appeared to make amends, and President Trump briefly considered him as a possible Secretary of State, a job that eventually went to Rex Tillerson. Romney reportedly spoke with President Trump today.

Here is the original report from Fox 13 Now:

Former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney was treated for prostate cancer over the summer, a source close to Romney told CNN Monday.

“He was treated surgically by Dr. Thomas Ahlering at UC Irvine Hospital in California,” the source said. “His prognosis is good; he was successfully treated.” The source did not provide additional details.

Romney, the 70-year-old former governor of Massachusetts, is being widely encouraged to run for Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch’s seat in 2018. Hatch announced last week he would retire from the Senate.

Romney spoke to President Donald Trump over the phone Thursday, a White House official confirmed to CNN. Details of their conversation have not been released.

Romney himself has not made a public statement since the story broke.

Our prayers are with Gov. Romney and his family.

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