These documents will show without a doubt the evidence of treason obstruction of justice election fraud manipulation and bribery this was intended to be the October surprise but before release of these documents we were contacted by a member of the FBI as well as another from the CIA and a week later by the NYPD all with information pertaining to something much darker than even we imagine due to the nature of these leaks we all work together as efficiently as possible to ensure two objectives, one that all necessary information would be given to the public in an organized searchable manageable way to those who provided us with this information would be able to find safety before these releases were made this concern wasn’t without warrant the newleaks been released this week will provide documents in the form of emails, pictures and videos within these will be evidence of Bill Clinton as well as at least six other government officials taking part in sexual acts with minors as well as evidence of human trafficking that also included miners we believe these pictures and videos were taken for the purpose of political manipulation in order to make sure all participants followed through on a previously agreed agenda.  These documents were given to us by an American government official when he had come to learn that this crime had been covered up by Hillary and her staff through methods including bribery and blackmail he also told us that due to the restrict access of these documents they would soon know he was the one who released them to us we were trying to make arrangements for him to exit the country safely but he was killed before those arrangements could be carried out we are still not sure if this is because they became aware of the leak or if they were scared that he may in the future in either case his identity will be made public in the next set leaks so that he can be honored for the hero that it was. We will not only be releasing these documents but we have multiple members of the FBI CIA and NYPD who will be publicly verifying their authenticity once their safety is assured this hack was this hack has not come from Russia or anyone else they may try to blame this on this is a leak from America’s own government officials who fear for their safety had they oppose them directly due to reasons that will be made clear soon we thank you for your patience as well as your determination and assistance in helping us expose the corruption that has infested our government democracy will be restored to America remember remember the fifth of November I’m still reporting from Washington.

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