BREAKING: North Korea Launches UNIDENTIFIED MISSILE – How Will Trump Respond?

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This just in—Kim Jong Un has launched yet another missile from North Korea’s West Coast, despite frequent warnings not to do so. Tensions are escalating rapidly.

This launch came just days after South Koreans went to the voter booths to elect a new president. CBS Reports:

“North Korea launched a missile from a test facility near the country’s west coast early Sunday morning, U.S. officials tell CBS News national security correspondent David Martin.”

“The launch came just days after South Koreans went to the polls to elect a new president.”

Reuters earlier reported the firing of unidentified projectile, citing a South Korean military official. The South Korean news agency Yonhap reported that the object appeared to be a ballistic missile.”

“U.S. officials said they were still assessing whether the launch was successful and trying to determine what kind of missile was tested.”

“Although the type of missile is not known, the U.S. had been expecting the North to fire a KN-17 medium-range ballistic missile.”

This will have been the sixth missile launch that North Korea has conducted, despite constant warnings from President Trump and Chinese officials, as well as South Korean officials. It seems that Kim Jong Un is intent on starting a world war, with everyone against him.

The BBC reports that “Pyongyang has accelerated its nuclear and missile tests in recent years, despite international condemnation and UN sanctions.” They also add that “two missile tests last month both failed, with the rockets exploding just minutes into flight.”

It is unclear whether or not this missile was successful, but one thing’s for sure: this is likely a display of power against the newly elected South Korean president. It may even be a futile attempt to intimidate President Trump, although this is unlikely.

Kim Jong Un has previously said that he “would hold talks,” with the Trump administration under the right conditions. BBC Reports:

“North Korea has said it will hold talks with the US ‘if the conditions were right’, South Korean media reports.”

“A senior North Korean diplomat said dialogue with the Trump administration was possible following a meeting with ex-US government officials in Norway.”

“Earlier this month US President Donald Trump said he would be ‘honoured’ to meet Kim Jong-un.”

“The comments follow months of rising tensions over North Korea’s ballistic missile and nuclear programme.”

“Choe Son-hui, an official in the North Korean foreign ministry responsible for North American affairs, told reporters in Beijing that bilateral talks between Pyongyang and Washington would be considered.”

With tensions approaching highs that we haven’t seen since the Cold War, a firm discussion with North Korea may be prudent. President Trump has also expressed his preference to deal with matters diplomatically, as he said in an interview with Reuters:

“U.S. President Donald Trump said on Thursday a major conflict with North Korea is possible in the standoff over its nuclear and missile programs, but he would prefer a diplomatic outcome to the dispute.”

” ‘There is a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with North Korea. Absolutely,’ Trump told Reuters in an Oval Office interview ahead of his 100th day in office on Saturday.”

“Nonetheless, Trump said he wanted to peacefully resolve a crisis that has bedeviled multiple U.S. presidents, a path that he and his administration are emphasizing by preparing a variety of new economic sanctions while not taking the military option off the table.”

” ‘We’d love to solve things diplomatically but it’s very difficult,’ he said.”

Whether or not this matter is dealt with peacefully, we will soon find out. Stay tuned for more breaking updates, as this story is still developing.

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