BREAKING: North Korea Secretly Moving Missiles “Towards West Coast” As War Tensions Rise

north korea nuke west coast

Asia Business Daily, one of South Korea’s leading news media outlets, is reporting an unprecedented war escalation by North Korea. According to their sources, Kim Jong Un secretly moved ICBMs towards their west coast in the middle of the night. United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley has declared the mini-tyrant is “begging for war,” and it seems that Kim Jong Un may get his wish.

He’s repeatedly disrespected the United States, South Korea, and Japan with his reckless missile launches and provocations for violence—now is the time to put an end to this foolishness before he gets too powerful. The stakes are far too high for us to be playing games, this is a matter of life and death.

Bill Clinton tried appeasement in the 1990’s. North Korea was given billions of dollars in funding and multiple nuclear reactors, but they stabbed us in the back by using it to further their own nuclear research programs. Many other presidents have tried diplomacy with the psychotic leaders of North Korea, but as Trump said, they only understand one thing.

The Sun reports that the missiles were supposedly moved to North Korea’s west coast launch facility in the dead of night, to avoid surveillance. It’s very clear that they’re preparing to launch missiles at the United States or Japan—why else would they want to be as far west as possible?

North Korea, which has launch facilities for its missile program on its west coast, reportedly (moved) the rocket during the night to avoid surveillance.

South Korea’s defence ministry said they could not confirm the contents of the report but said the North was considered ready to launch more missiles at any time.

The report came as the US ambassador to the UN warned that North Korea was “begging for war” and the United States’ patience has almost run out.

Calling on the UN to impose the “strongest possible measures” against Pyongyang, US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said: “The time has come to exhaust all diplomatic means before it is too late.

“Enough is enough. War is never something the United States wants.

“We don’t want it now, but our country’s patience is not unlimited.”

Ms Haley also warned China it could also face biting sanctions if it doesn’t step up its punishment, warning that the US “will look at every country that does business with North Korea, that is giving aid to their reckless and dangerous nuclear intentions”.

She added: “The stakes could not be higher”.

…and she’s right. Kim Jong Un is a complete psychopath who’s determined to destroy anyone and everyone that doesn’t support North Korea’s tyrannical regime. No matter what we do, no matter what diplomacy we try, and no matter what methods of coercion we use, he doesn’t ever listen.

We tried imposing sanctions on his country, to cut his funding down by nearly two thirds, but that didn’t do a thing—he’d rather let his people starve and use his money for building a nuclear weapons program. We’ve tried everything under the sun over the past three decades, and although war is never a favorable option, it seems that it may be the only one.

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