BREAKING: Kim Jong Un Just Surrendered to Trump Over Nuke Test – Here’s What We Know

kim jong un backs off guam

North Korea has been threatening to nuke the “heart of the US,” they’ve threatened to “strike at our mainland,” and even our territories, such as Guam—but after President Trump said just these three words, he left Kim Jong Un terrified.

The mini monster has been pushing the limit ever Trump got in office, because he’s been used to the past 20 years of presidential pandering. Bill Clinton pandered to him in the 1990’s by giving him $5 billion dollars in an energy deal that North Korea used to drastically further their nuclear research.

The Bush administration did very little to prevent North Korean officials from building a nuclear weapon, and Obama, as usual, issued a bunch of hollow threats. So when Donald Trump entered the oval office, it seems that Kim Jong Un didn’t keep up. He thought that nothing would change.

Unfortunately for him, Trump has been ruling our foreign policy with an iron fist. He’s repeatedly shown that he’s unafraid to talk tough, and to back his talk up with military action—an ability that our previous leaders severely lacked.

Now, after the past 6 months of threatening to launch an ICBM at the United States, Kim Jong Un has finally emerged from his little hiding hole to give the world a message. Breitbart reports:

North Korea backed down Monday from a threat to fire missiles at the U.S. territory of Guam, according to a North Korean state media report cited by the Wall Street Journal.

Dictator Kim Jong-un had decided against the missile attack, according to the report, after making preparations to launch it.

North Korea’s decision to back down is a major victory for the United States, as it was achieved — apparently — with no concessions to the regime, and after a sustained “Twitter war” of words with President Donald Trump.

North Korean state-controlled media framed the whole move as a strategic ploy, and made themselves sound vastly superior to the United States, according to Breitbart. They routinely call the Americans “Yankees,” and threatened that if we persist with our “arrogant provocations,” they will retaliate.

We all know the truth, though. Kim Jong Un is absolutely terrified that Donald Trump will reign down “fire and fury,” on his country—a threat that is not hollow. Trump was massively criticized by both traitorous RINO’s and lying liberals alike for his “harsh words,” against North Korea.

Trump was roundly criticized by politicians from both parties and by the media for his responses to North Korean intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) launches, and to news that the regime could miniaturize a nuclear warhead. Trump threatened “fire and fury” and declared that U.S. military plans were “locked and loaded.”

His critics, including former Obama administration National Security Adviser Susan Rice, accused him of escalating the situation. Rice even suggested appeasement: “[W]e can, if we must, tolerate nuclear weapons in North Korea.”

Yet, it seems that Trump’s “fire and fury,” threat worked. I doubt we’ll hear a single word about this on CNN today, as they’ll be too busy pushing their fake narrative that Trump is making reckless military decisions, when in reality he just saved us from one of the biggest nuclear threats of this decade.

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