BREAKING: North Korea Threatens To “End The US” – Trump Issues Urgent Warning

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Tensions have been rising over the past six months as Kim Jong Un has repeatedly and fragrantly denied our requests for peace. He has poked the bear, by constantly testing new ICBM’s, and now, the bear is fighting back.

Kim Jong Un has been completing the long range missile program that his father started—and according to officials, he’s startlingly close to finishing it. Top government informants believe that North Korea could have the capability to nuke Washington D.C. by just 2020.

In fact, they already have devastatingly powerful missile capabilities, as has already been reported on. We previously noted that they even threatened to destroy “the heart of the US,” in their own words, implying that their missiles even have the capability to reach Washington, D.C.

The North Koreans have just issued an official threat. They are ready to launch an ICBM at “the heart of the US,” which presumably means our very own capital.

This was on July 25th, in the midst of tense global power struggles. Now, however, Un has upped the stakes. In response to Trump flying several US bombers over North Korea, in a show of force, Kim Jong Un’s state run media has threatened to “end the US,” according to The Sun:

NORTH Korea has threatened to “end” the US in its latest war-mongering rant.

State-controlled media slammed America’s recent decision to fly two supersonic bombers over the Korean Peninsula.

The B-1 bombers were escorted by South Korean fighter jets as they performed a low-pass over an air base near the South Korean capital of Seoul last month.

But Kim Jong-un’s media branded the move a “hysteric fit” and warned against such “provocations”.

North Korea’s KCNA news agency ranted: “The day the DPRK is provoked means the end of the US.”

Earlier this week, government-run newspaper Rodong Sinmun declared Donald Trump was sitting on the “knife edge of life and death” and that he should brace himself for “gift packages” from Kim.

It is believed the so-called “gift packages” are nuclear missiles.

While this arrogant, infantile North Korean leader threw his temper tantrum, Trump has been busy plotting his retaliation plan. He’s already signed sanctions against the country for their aggressive actions, and now, the UN has responded with their own:

The United Nations Security Council on Saturday passed a resolution imposing new sanctions on North Korea for its continued intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) testing and violations of UN resolutions.

With 15 votes in favor, Resolution 2371 was passed unanimously.

The resolution targets North Korea’s primary exports, including coal, iron, iron ore, lead, lead ore, and seafood. The sanctions also target other revenue streams, such as banks and joint ventures with foreign companies.

The sanctions will slash North Korea’s annual export revenue of $3 billion by more than a third, according to a statement from the office of Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the United Nations.

Trump has been critical of UN performance in the past, but expressed his approval of the Security Council’s decision:

While many are concerned that Kim Jong Un will ignore the sanctions and continue to run his country into the ground, the overwhelming majority of Americans trust Trump’s leadership and strong military policies to guide us through to the end.

Trump has repeatedly smashed the toddler tyrant, warning him to cease any and all nuclear missile testing. If he doesn’t start to listen pretty soon, Trump may be forced to take action. Stay tuned for breaking updates.

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