BREAKING: North Korea Threatens to Test Hydrogen Bomb in Pacific – Trump Responds Through Twitter

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North Korea has just announced that they will be testing a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific Ocean, much to the concern of foreign officials. China, South Korea, Japan, and even the UN have already asked the rogue nation to stop escalating violence—but it seems that Kim Jong Un is intent on further destabilizing the globe.

North Korea’s top diplomat announced that they plan on testing the hydrogen bomb to fulfill Kim Jong Un’s vow to take the “highest level of hardline countermeasure in history,” against the US. This comes in response to President Trump saying that he would “totally destroy,” North Korea if they attacked us.

Kim Jong Un has responded by calling President Trump “mentally deranged,” and by saying that his comments were “the most ferocious declaration of war in history.” Despite the fact that the US military budget absolutely dwarfs North Korea’s in comparison, Un has doubled down on his tough talk.

“A frightened dog barks louder,” he said in response to Trump’s threats. “I will surely and definitely tame the mentally deranged US dotard with fire,” he said in a rare statement, issued directly to President Trump. Daily Mail also reports that China has taken a firmer stance, attempting to talk some reason to the rogue nation state:

Donald Trump has branded Kim Jong-Un a ‘madman’ and said the North Korean dictator will be ‘tested like never before’. 

The president published the angry tweet just hours after China warned the world to ‘exercise restraint’ in response Kim Jong-Un’s hint that North Korea might detonate a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific Ocean.

‘The situation on the Korean Peninsula now is grave,’ Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang had said in Beijing.

But Trump, apparently ignoring the advice, tweeted: ‘Kim Jong Un of North Korea, who is obviously a madman who doesn’t mind starving or killing his people, will be tested like never before!’ 

Some have attacked President Trump’s brash actions in regards to North Korea, while other more conservative individuals have praised his tactics. “North Korea only understands one thing,” Trump famously said—and it seems like the events unfolding each day are further proving this point.

For several generations, North Korea has been a complete and total dictatorship, which looks like a real world play out of the novel 1984. Citizens are routinely brainwashed, tortured, executed, and even asked to participate in ridiculous state run propaganda stunts, such as the funeral of Kim Jong Il.

The nation’s economy isn’t very big, so the question remains: will sanctions be an effective means of stopping their nuclear testing? While it’s certainly plausible, many top experts believe that North Korea would rather run their country into the ground than concede defeat on the global stage.

“Whatever Trump might have expected, he will face results beyond his expectation,” Kim said in a statement recently. Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho said that this impending launch could be the “most powerful detonation of an H-bomb in the Pacific,” according to South Korea’s Yonhap News.

It’s uncertain when Kim Jong Un will launch this supposed H-bomb, and some have speculated that he doesn’t even have one—but one thing is for certain. If North Korea does decide to provoke the United States, citizens can be sure that President Trump will rain down “fire and fury,” unlike anything which they’ve ever seen.

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