Multiple People Shot and Killed including a Child at San Bernardino Elementary School- Here’s what we know

San Bernardino school shooting

A school shooting in San Bernardino, California has left multiple dead and injured, reports say. Authorities have said initially that it is a possible murder/suicide.

The shooting took place at North Park Elementary School. According to Fox News, a gunman walked into a classroom and began shooting. There is a report that one person in particular may have been targeted. KTLA in Los Angeles says two adults are dead, and two students are injured and are being treated at a local hospital. One of the dead is the gunman, who reportedly turned the gun on himself. The other adult is a teacher. It appears the adult may have known the shooter.

Neighboring schools and colleges are in lock down until the situation is under control.

Here is live video coverage of the shooting. Note: this live feed could end at any time.

The incident is the 220th school shooting since 2013.

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