cash-iran-400million-planeThe $400 million delivered to Tehran in cold hard cash on pallets courtesy of Barack Hussein Obama and his administration.


For weeks how this administration (Barack Obama) has sworn up and down and they do not pay ransom. He said that the $400 million in ‘cash’ flown to Iran on pallets was absolutely not a ransom payment for the hostages.

As it turns out with no surprise at all… Obama was doing what he does best and that is LYING to the American people once again. They are now admitting that the massive cash payout was a ‘contingency’ for the release of the 4 Americans.

In otherwise, Obama paid RANSOM to Iran for the release of the hostages.

Question: Why even bother lying about it in the first place? It was obviously ransom, everyone with an IQ above 50 knew it was ransom, so what was even the point in lying anyway? Just to make it that much worse?


H/T The Daily Sheeple

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