BREAKING: One Of America’s Most Popular Computer Companies Just Vowed To Hire 1000’s of VETERANS Thanks To TRUMP!

This just in—computer giant IBM announced that they’re set to hire at least 2,000 veterans from the US military after meeting with President Trump. HELL YEAH!

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty, who serves on Trump’s business advisory committee says they are announcing plans to hire veterans which could generate further approval from a president eager to show he is creating U.S. jobs.

The company intends to open 20 new P-TECH schools in the U.S. and will retrain and certify the veterans over a four-year period, Axios reported.

She plans on hiring 2,000 U.S. military veterans over the next four years and expand a program that trains and certifies veterans in the use of the type of IBM software often used by law enforcement, cyber security and national security agencies.

IBM joins a growing list of companies announcing major expansion in the age of Trump. The list includes 45,000 jobs announced by Exxon Mobil, 10,000 new jobs at Kroger, 10,000 jobs at Walmart, another 10,000 jobs to be offered by U.S. Steel, and 50,000 by SoftBank Telecommunications, among many others.

This is just the beginning.

Our president is a billion times smarter than Obama.

Obama is nothing.

He got elected because he’s black and is a great bullsh-tter. But it turned out he is nothing but a big pile of garbage that had no idea on how to run a country.

He was an epic failure. And we are paying the price.

Thankfully, we have a genius for president now and we can only do our best to repair the devastation that Obama inflicted on our great country.

H/T: America’s Freedom Fighters

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