Pentagon on High Alert After North Korea Leaks New Missile Designs – Here’s What We Know

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North Korea’s state media has just released some terrifying new photos in a new broadcast. Hanging behind Kim Jong Un in their latest report was a series of missile diagrams, which may have unveiled more than they had planned.

If he did in fact plan on showing us these diagrams, it’s a pretty dumb move on his part. Then again, this wouldn’t be the first time that Kim Jong Un has done something dumb. He’s repeatedly provoked America with his hollow threats, and Donald Trump has had it with him.

Our President has repeatedly told Kim Jong Un to stand down, and has threatened to rain “fire and fury” down upon North Korea, if he even so much as touches any of our territories. The mini-tyrant quickly reeled in his threats to nuke Guam after hearing this, but he continues to poke the bear.

NBC News reports that he’s gone one step further, however. Earlier today, North Korean state media released images of Kim Jong Un standing in front of a diagram for their new “Polaris-3” missile, which is far more advanced than we previously thought.

TOKYO — North Korea’s state media released new photos Wednesday that appear to show the designs of one or possibly two new missiles.

Concept diagrams were seen hanging on a wall behind leader Kim Jong Un while he visited a plant that makes solid-fuel engines for the country’s ballistic-missile program.

One of the photos clearly showed a diagram for a missile called “Pukguksong-3,” which appears to be the latest in its Pukguksong, or Polaris, series. The other was harder to discern, though it carried a “Hwasong,” or Mars, designation name.

The photos were carried in the morning edition of the Rodong Sinmun, the ruling party’s newspaper, and released by the Korean Central News Agency just two days after the United States and South Korea began annual military exercises that the North claims are a rehearsal for war.

Tensions on the peninsula generally ratchet up during the maneuvers and a series of larger exercises held each spring.

Reportedly, Kim Jong Un has also told his factories to ramp up production of rocket engines and warhead tips, which is not a good sign. It seems that no matter how many times President Trump warns him to back off, he continues to antagonize the United States.

Michael Duitsman, a research associate at the Center for Non-Proliferation Studies, also commented on the missile designs. “The Pukguksong-3 is definitely new,” he said in an email to the Associated Press, which has been sparking new fears among American civilians.

Ever since Bill Clinton gave North Korea $4 billion dollars in the 1990’s, they’ve been rapidly expanding their nuclear research program—and it seems that now, they’re just starting to reap the twisted “rewards.”

This new missile is thought to have increased flight capabilities, making it faster, more difficult to track, and more difficult to shoot down. According to NBC, the new missile designs would be able to “fly farther,” and launched more quickly.

The missiles would also be “more difficult to locate and destroy in advance,” which poses a massive threat to the United States military. Solid-fuel engines also add to this difficulty, as they allow for quicker launches than North Korea’s previously liquid-fuel missiles.

All of this comes after Trump expressed optimism at his Phoenix rally, saying that the situation with North Korea was beginning to look better. Whether or not the US government had this intelligence at the time is unclear.

“I respect the fact that he is starting to respect us,” Trump said of Kim Jong Un. “And maybe—probably not, but maybe—something positive can come about,” he added at the campaign rally in Phoenix, Arizona.

It seems that Trump may have spoken too soon, although this remains to be seen. Duitsman, an expert on the subject, adds the following:

Duitsman said the quality of the pictures made it hard to immediately distinguish what the other missile was — though he said it was likely either a Hwasong-13 or Hwasong-11.

Hwasong is what North Korea calls most of its missiles, including its only ICBM — the Hwasong-14, which it tested last month. That missile is believed capable of reaching the U.S. mainland, though it probably needs another year or more of fine-tuning before it could be a serious threat.

“If it is the Hwasong-13, then there has been an enormous change to the design,” he said. “The Hwasong-13 was originally paraded in 2012 as a liquid-fueled missile.”

He cautioned that more analysis is needed.

“Changing an entire missile from liquid to solid fuel, or vice versa, is generally something you don’t do,” he said. “The design principles are very different.” 

While this could be a massive ploy, meant to simply distract American officials from how pitiful North Korea’s missile plans actually are, it could also signal a new era of global instability which Kim Jong Un plans to usher into existence.

Whether World War III will emerge from this remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: if Kim Jong Un does, in fact, decide to nuke Guam or any of the United States’ other territories, he will be met with fire and fury unlike anything which the world has ever seen.

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