BREAKING: PROTESTS ERUPT at Trump Tower, White House Following DACA Announcement (VIDEO)


This morning, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) would begin a phaseout, which will take anywhere from six months to two years. Shortly after the announcement, protests broke out nationwide, including at the White House and Trump Tower.

According to the announcement, children who were brought to America while still underage can apply by next month for a two year deferment on any deportation action. Under the DACA program, individuals who qualify be protected from deportation as long as they stay in school and do not get in legal trouble.

President Trump called on Congress to do their job and pass immigration reform that will address the problem. President Trump did not state whether he would sign a DACA bill if passed by Congress.

Under current law, it is nearly impossible for children brought to America illegally to get legal status. They can try to achieve legal status once they are adults, but it puts them at immediate risk of deportation. That has led both Republicans and Democrats to call for a solution. Even Mr. Trump himself, in a 2013 meeting with “dreamers,” voiced his support for their plight.

And yet, President Trump has pointed out that President Obama’s executive order on DACA was unconstitutional, as it surpassed his authority. In ending DACA, Trump called on Congress to find a solution the constitutional way – through legislation.

After the announcement to end DACA, United We Dream did not hold back in going overboard on rhetoric. “Let it be known that Trump’s termination of shows his clear support of white supremacists,” the organization tweeted out Tuesday afternoon.

Protests also broke out around the nation, including at Trump Tower and the White House.

It appears others are taking alternate avenues of action besides protests. Microsoft is offering to pay legal fees for any dreamer employees to fight deportation.

We will update this story as more information becomes available.


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