BREAKING: Rand Paul Says Obama Admin SPIED ON HIM – Requests Official Documents!

Rand Paul obama spied

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky recently stated that several sources have informed him that the Obama administration spied on him during his presidential campaign.

If this did, in fact, happen, it wouldn’t be surprising. President Trump has also roasted Obama for supposedly doing the same, and several people have let it slip live on the air that they were, in fact, spying on the Trump campaign.

“We’ve had several people come to us and say that it happened. I don’t have access to that information, but I’ve been very concerned that too many Americans’ information is being culled through without a warrant,” he told Breitbart News.

“I don’t have any facts to say it happened, but numerous sources are coming to us saying it did happen so I want to search through, find out why I wasn’t notified. Was it on purpose?”

“There’s a lot of things to be found out, particularly since we found out that Susan Rice was unmasking people and we need to know was there a political motivation, because one of the real dangers in a free society is if government gets so powerful it’s listening to all of our phone calls, the possibility of extortion, the possibility of blackmail—all of that goes up exponentially,” Senator Paul said.

Senator Rand Paul, and his father Ron Paul, are probably two of the most patriotic individuals who have run for office in a long time. They’re both very strict constitutionalists, believing that the constitution should not be disrespected or infringed upon.

It’s very clear, however, based off of Obama’s 8 years in office, that he doesn’t feel the same way—under the Obama presidency the NSA’s scope and depth expanded massively, as Edward Snowden revealed. Our debt also nearly doubled.

Senator Rand Paul also tweeted earlier today that he has “formally requested,” information on whether he was surveilled by the Obama administration.

In this letter, Paul asked that the administration “promptly investigate,” whether his name or the names of other members of Congress, were included in queries or search requests in the databases of the intelligence community.

“How did General Flynn’s conversation get reported? They keep using the word incidental. Don’t let that let your guard down. There’s a million Americans having their phone calls recorded incidentally. It’s not just a no big deal to have your phone call recorded,” he points out.

…and he’s right. We are most likely, at this very moment, having everything we do recorded. What’s really terrifying however, is how the executive branch was SPYING on the other branches of government under Obama.

This is the stuff of dictators—Mussolini, Stalin, and Hitler. When one branch of government uses covert actions to influence and sway another branch, you don’t have checks and balances anymore, as Senator Paul points out:

“I think it’s especially egregious if it’s happening to another branch of government, that one branch of government is spying on the other branch of government and you don’t really have checks and balances.”

It’s time that the Obama administration answers for their crimes against this country. 8 years under Obama has left this country more divided than ever, and with massive expansions of power and infringements of rights, Trump has a lot of work to do if he wants to make this country great again.

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