BREAKING: Rapper Who Joined ISIS Just Met the Business End of a Jet Bomb in Syria


A rapper who gave up his career and traveled to Syria to join ISIS is dead, killed by an airstrike this week.

The rapper, Denis Cuspert, was behind a number of ISIS videos that showed the beheading of both British and American prisoners. He was a German citizen, but was originally from Ghana.

The Daily Mail has more.

German intelligence officials say a street thug rapper who became the producer of vile Isis execution videos was killed this week in Syria.

The death of Deso Dogg – real name Denis Cuspert – was first reported nearly three years ago by the Pentagon and later dismissed as false.

Now his demise on Wednesday near Deir Ezzor has been confirmed.

The German-Ghanaian was killed on Wednesday during an airstrike in the town of Gharanij in Syria’s Deir Ezzor province, a statement from the pro-IS Wafa Media Foundation said. The statement was translated into English by the SITE monitoring group.

The jihadist group also posted eight graphic photographs on the Telegram messaging app that it said were of his bloody corpse, SITE said.

Cuspert joined the jihadists early in 2014, abandoning his home to become a mouthpiece in charge of IS propaganda that caused the German government to declare him a central figure at the ‘highest management level’ of the terror group.

He is believed to have produced the sickening footage of Jihadi John beheading British and US prisoners with a knife and it was he who arranged for the videoing and distribution of the tapes showing the beheadings of British innocents David Haines and Alan Henning.

Like Joseph Goebbels – the Nazi propaganda genius who exhorted his countrymen to fight to the death in WW2 – so Dogg had a knack for twisting words and smoothly selling the idea of Holy War to gullible Muslims in his homeland.

America claimed he had been killed in an airstrike in October 2015. But he surfaced in pictures a fortnight later.

Cuspert, who went by the Islamic moniker Abu Talha al-Almani, segued into the radical Salfist scene in Germany in 2010. A Berliner, intelligence officials say he has played a key role in luring hundreds of young Germans to fight for IS with slick videos that trash the west and promise paradise for those who fight and die in battle.

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