Obama xash payment to Iran

A newspaper report out of Saudi Arabia is raising a disturbing allegation: President Obama’s $400 million cash payment to Iran last year likely helped fund terrorists with Hezbollah. If true, it would confirm one of the fears Republicans raised when the payment was revealed last year.

Editorial note: It should be noted here that the allegation has no proof, and appears to be speculation by a reporter. The report was originally posted by Yeshiva World News, and credits the report to a Saudi Arabian newspaper. However, Yeshiva does not provide a citation to this newspaper, and no other details. Some news sources and conservative blogs may report this as fact, but Silence Is Consent sets a higher journalistic standard. Because this story will likely get wide coverage online in conservative media, we feel our readers should know that we have attempted to verify the story ourselves, and have been unable to establish the legitimacy of the source. We warn our readers to always be skeptical of the truth in news headlines these days, even those we may want to agree with.

Here is the the report by Yeshiva.

According to a Saudi Arabian newspaper report on April 25th, Hezbollah had received $600 million worth of Iranian aid. The Al-Youm newspaper reported that the aid was transferred almost completely in hard cash, and is being used for the terror group’s institutions and salaries paid to its terrorists and their families.

Hezbollah is a terrorist organization that is headed by Hassan Nasrallah, its Secretary general. It was conceived by Muslim clerics and funded by Iran primarily to harass the Israelis who had entered Lebanon to increase stability in the north. Its leaders were followers of Ayatollah Khomeini, and its forces were trained and organized by a contingent of 1,500 Revolutionary Guards that arrived from Iran with permission from the Syrian government, which was in occupation of Lebanon at the time.

Hezbollah receives money from several sources including monies received from Shiite businessmen abroad, charity taxes, profit from Shiite websites in Iraq; and money received from Shiite imams in Iraq and abroad.

Last summer, candidate Trump remarked, “We paid $400 million for the hostages. Such a bad precedent was set by Obama. We have two more hostages there right? What are we going to pay for them? What we’re doing is insane.”

We do know Iran is one of the world’s leading sponsors of terrorism. Many Republicans warned an Obama cash payment to Iran could find its way into the pockets of terrorists. While this is certainly not out of the realm of possibility, it is unclear if it actually happened. Even the Saudi newspaper Yeshiva cited does not appear to make that assertion.

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