Was Rocker Chris Cornell MURDERED? Listen to the 911 call AND DECIDE FOR YOURSELF (VIDEO)

Chris Cornell 911 call

The 911 call made from the room where Chris Cornell died has been released, and it is raising questions about a possible suspicious death.

Although the coroner ruled that the Soundgarden and Audioslave singer died by suicide, the Chris Cornell 911 call, as well as a source who claims to have been in the room when Cornell’s body was found, provide the possibility of something sinister. Fans are speculating that he was killed, even though he was found along in a locked bathroom, inside of a locked hotel room.

What is causing questions, however, is the caller referring to “signs of strangulation” and “trauma to the back of the head.”

A person who talked to the source posted the information at Godlike Productions’ forum.

Here is part of the statement that was posted.

I’m from Detroit, and currently reside in the suburbs. My source, who wishes to remain anonymous (I know, shills will throw up BS flags, don’t care), was the first person to see Chris as he was found. Here’s how it rolled out.

Chris’s own personal security guards deeply sensed that something was wrong in his hotel room, and were doing everything they could to gain access to the room. The door to his room was locked, and only he(Chris) had a key. His security personnel, one in particular called MGM security to the room, told them he knew Chris was inside and that something was wrong, they begged MGM security to open the room and allow them in. MGM security called the commanding officer of that shift, and apparently that person vehemently denied them access.

At that point Chris’s personal security took matters into their own hands, and the one I spoke of earlier actually busted in the door himself. Upon entering it was obvious Chris was not in the main room, and the bathroom door was closed and locked. It was at this point that my source, who is obviously MGM security, decided to step in so no more damage would be done to the room. He/she unlocked the bathroom door and was the first to see Chris’s body.

The conversation with this person was quick and I wasn’t able to ask all the questions I wanted to, YET. So far all I’ve been told is that he was indeed on the floor deceased, and the obvious cause was strangulation. The device used in the strangulation was also present, it was not a rope or bed sheet, it was a black exercise resistance cord with handles at each end.

This is all I have at the moment due to the timing of the conversation. My source has been put on sick leave for mental stress, and was given an all expenses paid trip out of the country for the next week. I have a lot of questions for this person that I will be able to get answers to when he/she comes home.

Later, the person posted that they could not provide more information.

I’ve been asked to not pursue this any further at this time. Was told that my source is still, to this day, very negatively affected by what they saw, has still not returned to work and won’t talk about it at this time.

The way it felt when I was given this message didn’t feel complete, like they had something to add, but wouldn’t.

Here is a video report from Celebs TV that delves into the “insider” claiming there is something more to Cornell’s death.

Here is a video featuring the audio from the Chris Cornell 911 call.

We will report more on the Chris Cornell 911 call and this story, as details become available.

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