BREAKING: Seattle Mayor Just Resigned After 5th Sexual Abuse Accusation – You’ll Never Guess Who Accused Him

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For some reason, it seems that every single major sex scandal in the past two years has happened within the Democratic Party. From Podesta’s weird emails to Anthony Weiner sexting, and now, to Seattle Mayor Ed Murray finally resigning after being accused of sexual abuse for a fifth time.

Many conservatives are wondering how a mayor can be accused of sexual abuse not once, not twice, but four separate times, without being forced to resign. If Donald Trump were accused of sexually abusing even one woman, and there were even a shred of evidence, he would be skewered by our liberal media for weeks.

Despite this, for some reason Ed Murray has been able to get away with it all, nearly Scott free—that is, until now. According to sources, the Seattle Mayor has resigned today, just hours after a new allegation that he sexually abused a younger cousin decades ago.

Drudge Now reports:

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray resigned Tuesday, just hours after new allegations that he sexually abused a younger cousin decades ago in New York.

Murray, a former Democratic state legislator elected mayor in 2013, said in a statement that he is resigning effective 5 p.m. Wednesday.

While the allegations against me are not true, it is important that my personal issues do not affect the ability of our City government to conduct the public’s business,” Murray said in a statement.

City Councilmember Bruce Harrell will become mayor and will decide within five days whether to fill out the remainder of the term, the statement says.

The Seattle Times reported Tuesday morning on allegations by Murray’s cousin, Joseph Dyer, 54, who has become the fifth man to publicly accuse Murray of sexual abuse.

Joseph Dyer says that he was only 13 years of age when Murray forced him into having sex. This allegedly happened when the two shared a bedroom at Dyer’s mother’s home in Medford, New York, some time in the mid 1970’s. This marks the fifth man to publicly accuse Murray in just the past five months.

Another accuser, Lloyd Anderson, issued a statement today through his lawyer. “I feel victory,” he announced, “but saddened that it required another victim to come forward for him to resign. I wonder how many other victims are out there.”

That’s the question on everybody’s mind. Democrats in powerful positions are known for intimidating and even killing (in Hillary’s case), anyone who stands in their way and could potentially smear their name. For all we know there could be hundreds of victims, but all we can do is be thankful that this scumbag is out of office.

Another accuser, Lloyd Anderson, issued a statement Tuesday through his lawyer: “I feel victory, but saddened that it required another victim to come forward for him to resign. I wonder how many other victims are out there.”

Murray, 62, a former Democratic state legislator, has repeatedly denied that he sexually abused anyone, contending the accusations are part of a political takedown targeting him for his progressive politics and record as a gay-rights champion.

Murray attributed Dyer’s claims to bad blood between two estranged wings of the family.

Murray ended his re-election bid earlier this year because of the scandal, but had staved off calls for his resignation before his term is completed this year.

He had retained support for finishing out his term from a majority of the City Council and four former mayors, as well as mayoral candidate Jenny Durkan.

But Durkan withdrew her support in the wake of the new allegations.

“It is time for Mayor Murray to step down,” Durkan said today, noting that she’d previously told him to do so. “It’s clear that it is in everybody’s best interest for him to resign. As a parent, former public official, and openly gay woman, these allegations are beyond sad and tragic; no official is above the law,” she adds.

Durkan’s rival in the mayor’s race, Cary Moon, already had called for Murray to step down months ago.

The mayor stayed in his office Tuesday and didn’t address his staff at large before his resignation announcement, according to a source.

Finally this pervert will be out of office, and the people of Seattle will be free to elect a new, hopefully Republican, mayor. For far too long has Seattle been under the control of power hungry leftists, but it seems that with this sex scandal finally coming to light, we have a fighting chance at taking the city back.

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