Secret Service Agents Fired and Escorted from the White House- Here’s What We Know…

Remember when the Denver Secret Service agent said she wouldn’t take a bullet for President Trump? At least two Secret Service officials in management positions were fired and escorted from the White House complex, according to a report by reporter Steve Clemons. The Secret Service has been accused of slow-walking the investigation of an agent based out of Denver who publicly said she would not ‘take a bullet’ for President Donald Trump. The agent has been posting on Facebook her condemnation of President Trump the past seven months. Some say she crossed the line when she said she would not take a bullet for Trump. I mean after all that is the job.

Screen image of Secret Service agents protecting then candidate Donald Trump at Ohio rally, March 12, 2016.

 There seems to be a big problem with the secret service. Could it be another case of affirmative action gone wrong?

In case you didn’t know affirmative action promotes people, not based on merit, talent, knowledge or experience; but based on gender, race or ethnic origin.

Whenever this happens you get people like this. Entitled employees (and the secret service is no exception)

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Apparently these two secret service people who were escorted out of the building don’t understand their loyalty is to the office of president, and to the United States.

I agree with President Trump. If you don’t understand the job; YOU’RE FIRED!

There is more to come out on this story. We don’t have the names of the two secret service who were fired yet, and I would not be surprised if more are let go.

My experience has been where there is one bad apple, there are more. We must change the culture in Washington. Employees of the federal government and the White House are much too entitled.

Talk about privilege. It is a two way street. We hired President Trump to drain the swamp. This is just the president doing what he went there to do. Good for you President Trump.  


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