Indonesia terror attack

A suicide bomber carried out an attack in the Indonesian capital city of Jakarta today. The bomber struck a busy bus terminal in the heart of the city, killing a police officer and injuring many more. The suicide bomber was one of two explosions in the city, in what appears to be a coordinated attack.

Details of the attack are very sketchy, and the bombing is getting little press outside of Indonesia at this time.

Indonesia is a Muslim-majority nation, and attacks by radicals are common.

ABC’s Indonesia correspondent Adam Harvey reports that there are at least three fatalities, but it is unclear if that includes the bomber himself. He reports of a grisly scene at the bombing site, with at least three bodies visible.

Indonesia terror attack

Reuters reports.

Indonesian police said on Wednesday that a suspected suicide bomber and a police officer were killed in explosions near a bus station in the eastern part of the capital, Jakarta.

There were two blasts in Kampung Melayu that went off five minutes apart late in the evening, police said in a statement.

It said some people, including police officers, were wounded and being taken to a nearby hospital.

A hospital official speaking on Metro TV said two policemen and a civilian were being treated, and all three were conscious. Another TV report said five people were wounded.

Authorities in the world’s biggest Muslim-majority nation have been increasingly worried about a resurgence in radicalism, driven in part by a new generation of militants inspired by Islamic State.

There has been a series of low-level attacks linked to Islamic State since January 2016, when four militants mounted a gun and bomb assault in the heart of Jakarta.

Eight people were killed in that attack, including the militants.

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