UPDATED WITH FAMILY’S DENIAL: GotNews Retracts Story Wrongly Naming Suspected Charlottesville Car Attacker

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UPDATE 7:00 p.m.: GotNews.com has pulled the story and apologized for naming the wrong suspect in the Charlottesville car attack. Their apology can be seen here.

We are pulling our coverage of the GotNews.com story to spare the wrongly-named person additional inconvenience.

We will include the initial statement from the sister of the person wrongly named, which caused GotNews to retract the story. The suspect himself has also posted on Facebook, and as expected, is none too happy over it.

Update 5:15 p.m. – The sister of the person named in the GotNews.com report is claiming he is not the person responsible, and is in Michigan at a wedding at this time. She claims the car was sold years ago and is not in their possession. This is an entirely possible situation, especially if the new owners failed to register the car properly. Here is her post on social media, names redacted.

Charlottesville suspect


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