BREAKING: Terrifying New Intel Shows North Korea May Be Planning Something Big Tomorrow

north korea missile test

In the wake of Kim Jong Un’s disappearance, many are worried that the tyrannical despot is planning something involving his nuclear missiles. Unfortunately, these worries may be validated after what just came out.

Ever since the 1990’s, North Korea has slowly and steadily advanced their nuclear research. After numerous disastrous liberal policies by Clinton and Obama, North Korea has now developed the capability to launch an intercontinental ballistic missile right at the heartland of our country.

Silence is Consent previously reported on the alarming threats which North Korea has made:

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has decided to talk tough in response to the CIA Director’s comments on regime change in Pyongyang. Un has threatened to strike the “heart of the US,” with a nuclear weapon.

Tensions have been increasing between North Korea and the United States ever since Un’s rise to power. Time after time, he’s tested Trump’s patience, with absolutely no regard for national safety.

The North Koreans have just issued an official threat. They are ready to launch an ICBM at “the heart of the US,” which presumably means our very own capital.

While many have dismissed this threat as the rantings of a delusional mini-leader, others are not so sure. Although our military is far superior to North Korea’s, Kim Jong Un is known for acting impulsively, and it’s not out of the question that he may be preparing another missile test, or in an extreme situation, a nuclear attack.

Unfortunately, it seems that this idea may be confirmed after The Daily Mail just released new intel that suggests Kim Jong Un may be preparing for either another missile test or even military action. Satellite images captured in the past 24 hours show virtually the same military movements that Kim Jong Un made right before his last nuclear test.

north korea nuclear attack 2
Activity around the submarine in the past week exactly mirrors preparations carried out before the successful launch of a missile last year (pictured)

The last time the North Korean dictator was missing for this long was before the two most recent tests of the Hwasong-14 intercontinental ballistic missile, South Korean outlet KBS reports. 

There are fears that a public holiday on August 15 marking the Korean Peninsula’s liberation from Japan at the end of the Second World War could be used to fire a new rocket.

Satellite images have also emerged showing activity around a submarine which mirrors preparations for a missile test which took place in August last year.

CIA Director Mike Pompeo also told Fox News on Sunday that he would not be surprised if another test were carried out.

He said: ‘I am quite confident that Kim will continue to try to develop his missile program, so it wouldn’t surprise me if there was another missile test.’ 

In addition, North Korea has recalled their ambassadors to key allies, signalling fears that they may be meeting to discuss plans for a nuclear attack on the United States—and although North Korea’s military budget is absolutely dwarfed by Trump’s $500 billion behemoth, the effects of a nuclear attack on the United States would still be devastating.

If North Korea were to launch the same missile which they tested in 2013, into the heart of DC, there would be an estimated 84,000 deaths and 176,000 more injuries. It’s likely, however, that they have an even more powerful bomb at this point, after the past 4 years of accelerated research.

north korea nuclear attack

It’s unclear how powerful their current nuclear technology is, but it wouldn’t be absurd to assume that their nuclear bomb rivals that of “Fat Man,” the bomb dropped on Nagasaki by the United States military in 1945. If they were to drop a bomb like that in New York City, it would be absolutely devastating.

north korea nuclear attack 2

In the scenario pictured above over 287,000 people would be murdered instantly. Another 516,000 would be critically injured by the radioactive fallout. We cannot allow this to happen, and the United States government must take any action necessary to prevent Kim Jong Un from destroying our major cities.

It is unclear whether Kim Jong Un is simply issuing empty threats, or if there’s actually some substance to his claims. It is also unclear how Donald Trump will react in the wake of such a destructive attack, however one thing is certain. If Kim Jong Un decides to mess with President Trump, we will wipe his country off the map.

Please share this article to alert your family and friends about the potential of new military moves from North Korea tomorrow. Thank you and God bless—stay safe.

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