Israel terror attack

Terrorists appear to be behind an attack at an Israeli embassy today. Details are very sketchy at this time, and we will update this post as we learn more.

There are multiple reports of an attack on the Israeli embassy in Amman, Jordan. Sky News reports that the attack was a shooting, and a Jordanian man is dead. An Israeli man is wounded, but his condition is unknown. It is not clear who was the attacker or the victim among the men. A stabbing was also reported at the incident.

Sky News reports.

A Jordanian man has been killed in a shooting at the Israeli embassy in Amman, according to security sources.

An Israeli man is in a serious condition after being wounded in the incident which also included a stabbing, it is reported.

The shooting happened in the upmarket Rabiyeh neighbourhood in the Jordanian capital.

The incident comes amid mounting tensions between Israelis and Palestinians over metal detectors that Israel has installed at a contested shrine in Jerusalem.

Palestinians are accusing Israel of trying to take control of the holy site – known to Muslims as Haram al Sharif and to Jews as Temple Mount – after authorities put up the detectors at its door.

The security measures were put forward by Israel after Arab gunmen opened fire from inside the shrine, killing two police officers.

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