The truck driver who terrorized Christmas Berlin shoppers by running over a crowd which killed some, and injured many shot and killed.

It was supposed to be a routine checkpoint which turned into a shoot out with police in Italy.  He was stopped near Milan Italy. After he was approached by police, Amri told the officers that he did not have documents – A ploy which has worked for Amri before.  He said he was from Calabria, according to a report in La Repubblica. The officers pressed him, however, and asked him to show them what was inside his backpack, at which point he slipped his hand into his bag and retrieved the gun, shooting guns blazing. Luca Scata’ returned fire and Amri fell to the ground.

This is what we know so far:

It was only the quick thinking of the two Italian police officers who stopped him in the Sesto San Giovanni district that brought his flight across Europe to a sudden end. On being asked for his identity papers Amri pulled a gun out of his sack and opened fire, injuring police officer Cristiano Movio before being shot dead himself. His fingerprints were matched to those found in the cab of the lorry, showing him conclusively to have been the man behind the market terror attack.

Anis Amri’s death outside a train station in the northern suburb of Milan brought a dramatic end to a journey that saw Europe’s most wanted man travel apparently unimpeded 1,000 miles across Europe. Despite being the most wanted man by police and intelligence services across the continent the suspected driver of the lorry which killed 12 people and injured dozens of others after ploughing through a Berlin Christmas market, Amri was able to travel across three frontiers with no impediments. His death in northern Italy, miles from the attack, has once again raised troubling questions as to how easily terrorists are able to take advantage of mainland Europe’s open borders policy. It seems Donald Trump is again vindicated concerning his stand against an open borders policy. I guess Europe is about to be rethinking that whole OPEN BORDERS policy. Or maybe not. Maybe more Europeans have to get run over, blown up or stabbed to death first before Europe is once again having this debate.


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