BREAKING: This Country Just EXECUTED 10 ISIS TERRORISTS- Here’s The Details


Outside of Israel, there are not many Middle Eastern countries willing to take a hard line on ISIS terrorists. The country of Jordan, however, is proudly pro-Western and a strong American ally.

They also hate ISIS and other Islamic extremists. They have taken a “no prisoners” approach to their war on terror.

The Associated Press reports that Jordan executed ten terrorists who had carried out attacks on civilians. Their offenses included multiple shooting attacks and at least one bombing. Their punishment was something straight out of the Old West: a public hanging. The executions took place at dawn, and were the largest round of executions in a decade. For good measure, they even hung some additional non-terrorist prisoners who were convicted of various crimes, including sexual offenses.

Most of the terrorists executed had admitted they carried out attacks in the name of ISIS. Their victims included a British tourist killed in a shooting at a theater. Another victim, Nahad Hattar, was a writer who had published a cartoon mocking Islam. The shooter was a prayer leader at a local mosque upset over the cartoon. Other victims included Jordanian security forces and police officers who had been combating ISIS.

The AP provides more details.

Saturday’s executions were the first since pro-Western Jordan launched a crackdown on Islamic militants two years ago, in response to the killing of a captured Jordanian fighter pilot by the Islamic State group. Jordan is a part of a U.S.-led military coalition against IS, which holds territory in Syria and Iraq.

A government spokesman said the executions signal that “those who commit terrorism and threaten our national security will find the same destiny.”

Jordan intensified its campaign against suspected Islamic extremists after IS released a video in early 2015, showing its militants as they burned to death the fighter pilot trapped in a cage. In response to the video, Jordan executed two prisoners linked to the al-Qaida terror network, a precursor of IS.

Hundreds of Jordanians have been detained or sentenced to prison since then, including those expressing support for IS on social media.

Saad Hattar, a cousin Nahad Hattar, said more must be done than just executions. “The murderer was just a tool, and our society needs the uprooting of the ideology and the culture behind him,” Hattar said.

Amazingly, the ISIS terrorists have an odd advocate: human rights groups Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. The groups do not endorse the actions of ISIS, but said executing them is not an “effective deterrent.”

“This is a major step backward for both Jordan and efforts to end the death penalty, a senseless and ineffective means of administering justice,” Samah Hadid, the deputy director of Amnesty International said.

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