BREAKING: Timeline Of Las Vegas Shooting Released

Las Vegas shooting timeline

We now have a firm timeline of events surrounding the Las Vegas shooting at the Mandalay Bay hotel that left 58 dead and nearly 500 injured. The following timeline, published by The Daily Mail, is assembled from video of the event and official statements by authorities.

The timeline highlights just how quickly police and hotel security were able to respond to the shooting, considering Stephen Paddock’s sniper’s perch was not easily identified. It also pinpoints how authorities focused their efforts after the shooting.


Country music star Jason Aldean was performing on stage at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival when lone gunman Stephen Paddock, 64, opened fire on the 22,000 people gathered.

10:05pm: First shots fired by the suspect. This was seen on closed-circuit television from the concert venue. It takes nearly a minute before the crowd recognizes the sound of gunfire.

10:12pm: First two officers arrive on the 31st floor and announce the gunfire is coming from directly above them.

10:15pm: The last shots are fired from the suspect per body cam worn camera.

10:17pm: The first two officers arrive on the 32nd floor.

10:18pm: Security officer tells the LVMPD officers he was shot and gives them the exact location of the suspect’s room. The shooter fires nearly 200 bullets through the door of the suite at the security officer, who will recover from his gunshot wound.

10:26-10:30pm: Eight additional officers arrived on the 32nd floor and began to move systematically down the hallway, clearing every room and looking for any injured people. They move this way because they no longer hear the gunfire of an active shooter situation.

10:55pm: Eight officers arrive in the stairwell at the opposite end of the hallway nearest to the suspect’s room.

11:20pm: The first breach was set off and officers entered the room. They observed the suspect down on the ground and also saw a second door that could not be accessed from their position.

11:27pm: The second breach was set off allowing officers to access the second room. Officers quickly realized there was no one else in the rooms and announced over the radio that the suspect was down.


2.13am: Investigators said that they are looking for the ‘roommate’ of the shooter – Marilou Danley – and describe her as a person of interest.

6.30am: Investigators say they have located the suspect’s girlfriend and say that she is overseas and is no longer a person of interest.


2pm: Sheriff says Marilou Danley is a person of interest again, after report that Paddock wired $100,000 to an account in the Philippines a week before the attack, while she was in the country.

Tuesday night: Danley arrives back in the U.S. from the Philippines. She is wheeled off her flight at Los Angeles International Airport in a wheelchair.


Wednesday afternoon: FBI agents begin interviewing Danley .

Wednesday evening: Sheriff announces no suicide note was left, and the shooter likely planned an escape. He also speculates an accomplice may have been involved.

We will update this timeline as more details are released.

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