BREAKING: Trump Just Issued FINAL WARNING to North Korea – Here’s What He Tweeted

north korea nuclear war

North Korea has repeatedly defied President Trump’s requests to stand down. They’ve been furthering their nuclear weapons program, and in numerous shows of force, have detonated bombs that could have clearly reached the US.

They’ve also threatened to strike at our capital, a threat which if followed through with, would kill millions and millions of innocent people. Tensions are at the highest they’ve been since the cold war, and on top of this, China has stabbed Donald Trump in the back by announcing their allegiance with North Korea.

This is a threat that must be dealt with immediately. If North Korea is allowed to gain nuclear weapons, this would have a disastrous effect not only on the global arena, but right here in the United States.

Kim Jong Un is erratic and unstable, so starting a holocaust is not above him. While Trump and other world leaders have made attempts to talk him down, and even imposed incredibly harsh sanctions on North Korea, it seems that nothing we do will stop the mini-tyrant from throwing a temper tantrum and threatening global stability.

In an incredible new statement, Donald Trump has issued severe warnings to North Korea. He’s said that our military solutions are now fully in place, and that if North Korea does anything to provoke the United States or our allies, there will be fire and fury unlike the world has ever seen before.

Daily Mail reports:

President Donald Trump took his bellicose rhetoric up another notch in the confrontation with North Korea, warning Friday that the U.S. was ‘locked and loaded.’

Trump issued the dire warning via Twitter from his golf club in New Jersey Friday morning, as he brandished the notion of ‘military solutions’ to the running confrontation with the reclusive regime.

‘Military solutions are now fully in place,locked and loaded,should North Korea act unwisely. Hopefully Kim Jong Un will find another path!’ Trump wrote.

Trump’s online warning came after he issued tough talk before the cameras on Thursday to North Korean leader Kim Jung-un.

Donald Trump also warned that if Kim Jong Un even touches Guam, “it will be an event the likes of which nobody has seen before, what will happen in North Korea.” While many are attacking Trump’s bold moves, others are relieved that we finally have a leader who isn’t afraid to stand his ground.

CNN recently accused President Trump of war-mongering, calling him a “heinous nuclear war” fanatic. Of course the liberals were completely silent when Kim Jong Un blew up nuclear weapons off the coast of Alaska, because they don’t really care about America’s safety like President Trump does.

North Korea is a key ally of China, and if given nuclear weapons, this would only weaken the United States power over the globe—this cannot be allowed to happen. The United States must remain the predominant power on the world’s stage, so that we can usher in a new era of prosperity and enlightenment for our own people and for the people willing to cooperate with us.

It is uncertain whether or not this will come down to a third world war. It’s uncertain whether North Korea and the US will be able to negotiate things diplomatically and it’s uncertain whether or not China will end up getting involved, but one thing is certain. If you mess with America, there’s 150 million pissed off patriots ready to end North Korea, and any other country that stands in our way.

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