BREAKING: Trump Just Issued MASSIVE “F*** YOU” to N. Korea – Here’s His Plans For Monday

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North Korea has repeatedly threatened to nuke the United States. They’ve threatened to “strike at our mainland,” they’ve threatened to nuke Guam, and they’ve even threatened to nuke the “heart of the US.” It’s clear that Kim Jong Un poses a very serious threat, and that’s why Donald Trump just announced his plans for North Korea on Monday.

The toddler tyrant has been poking Donald Trump ever since his inauguration, because he’s been used to the past 8 years of Obama pandering. North Korea repeatedly disrespected America and our allies, and not a single word was said from Obama in response.

Bill Clinton, another Democrat, even pandered to North Korea in the 1990’s by giving them $5 billion dollars for energy research. He practically gave them the money they needed to fund their nuclear program, and liberals are blaming President Trump!

Thankfully, however, he’s been ruling the United States with an iron first. President Trump has shown us time and time again that he isn’t afraid to issue threats when warranted, and they’re certainly not hollow—on the contrary, all of Donald Trump’s threats are backed by action.

Just recently, when Kim Jong Un threatened to strike at Guam, a US territory, President Trump issued a terrifying statement to North Korea. He threatened that if they even so much as thought about touching the US or any of our territories, he would unleash “fire and fury,” onto them like the world had never seen before.

Kim Jong Un, being the coward that he is, quickly backed down—but Donald Trump isn’t finished with him, yet. Just recently he announced his plans to launch a joint military exercise with South Korea, which will happen Monday, August 21st.

South Korea has been one of our few alliances against the threat of Kim Jong Un, and it shouldn’t be any surprise why. North Korea is right above them, and has repeatedly disrespected their government and citizens with violence—the enemy of their enemy is the United States.

Charlotte Observer reports:

North Korea has warned that Washington and Seoul will cause a “catastrophe” by holding their annual joint military drill in the Korean Peninsula.

The US and South Korea claim the exercises are defensive, but North Korea has said they are a practice run for a nuclear war against it.

The military drills, set to take place on Monday, would “further drive the situation on the Korean Peninsula into catastrophe”, the North’s Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said.

South Korea has been one of our few alliances against the threat of Kim Jong Un, and it shouldn’t be any surprise why. North Korea is right above them, and has repeatedly disrespected their government and citizens with violence—the enemy of their enemy is the United States.

That’s why we’ve been conducting joint military missions with South Korea. We must both unite, and be prepared for any attack that North Korea launches on us—otherwise, we could see the destruction of a major city such as New York or Washington, D.C.

Charlotte Observer adds:

Held every fall in South Korea, the Ulchi-Freedom Guardian war games are the world’s largest computerized command and control exercise. Some 30,000 U.S. soldiers and more than 50,000 South Korean troops usually take part, along with hundreds of thousands of first responders and civilians, some practicing for a potential chemical weapons attack.

The exercise, along with one in March, often triggers anti-war protests in South Korea and condemnation from China. While Chinese President Xi Jinping has been noticeably cool toward Kim Jong Un, and has been critical of North Korea’s development of nuclear weapons, China has long wanted the United States to shrink its military footprint in Asia, including some 12 bases in South Korea and Japan.

Kim Jong Un has threatened that if the United States does in fact go through with this military exercise, it would end in “catastrophe,” but this is likely all talk. Kim Jong Un has been huffing and puffing his chest for the past 6 months, but he’s an entirely hollow shell.

He was all tough talk until the second President Trump issued his “fire and fury” threat. Then, the little mini-monster backed down like a puppy dog with his tail between his legs.

Kim Jong Un knows that his military budget is only $1.5 billion a year, compared to the US’s nearly $500 billion a year—he literally has less than 1% of the budget that our military does, and yet he’s still arrogant enough to talk tough.

Well, fortunately for the United States, we elected a president who isn’t afraid to stand his ground, unlike Obama. President Trump’s no-BS approach to global politics has been incredibly refreshing, after 8 years of pandering and submission to every single country on the planet.

Ever since he was put into office, Donald Trump has made it clear that he stands behind the American people 100%, and will protect us at any cost—so if Kim Jong Un does decide to do something in reaction to Trump’s military drill on Monday, rest assured that he will be met with “fire and fury,” the likes of which the world has ever seen.

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