BREAKING: U.S. Navy ship shows WHO’S BOSS when an Iranian attack boat comes too close (VIDEO)

Navy ship

An Iranian naval ship tried to intimidate the United States Navy in the Persian Gulf today, coming within 150 yards of the USS Thunderbolt and refusing to answer calls and sirens. It seems Iran forgot that Barack Obama is no longer President, and the new guy has given the military free reign to maintain superiority in the world’s hot spots. As a result, a boat filled with Iranian sailors likely had to change their pants.

According to The Daily Mail, the USS Thunderbolt warning shots over a ship operated by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in an incident that occurred early this morning, but during daylight hours in the Persian Gulf. The Thunderbolt was in the gulf conducting naval exercises with other American military vessels. The Cyclone-class Navy ship spotted the boat during the exercise, and things quickly escalated.

The Daily Mail has more on the actions of the Navy ship.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard ship came within 150 yards of the Thunderbolt and did not respond to radio calls, flares or warning sirens, forcing U.S. sailors to fire warning shots.

‘The IRGCN boat was coming in at a high rate of speed. It did not respond to any signals, they did not respond to any bridge-to-bridge calls, they felt there was no choice except to fire the warning shots,’ the defense official said.

The Iranian boat then went ‘dead in the water’ after the shots and the vessels all left the area.

The episode marks the latest in a series of close encounters between US ships and Iranian naval vessels.

The U.S. Navy recorded 35 instances of what it describes as ‘unsafe and/or unprofessional’ interactions with Iranian forces in 2016, compared to 23 in 2015.

Of the incidents last year, the worst involved Iranian forces capturing 10 U.S. sailors and holding them overnight. It became a propaganda coup for Iran’s hard-liners, as Iranian state television repeatedly aired footage of the Americans on their knees with their hands on their heads.

Here is video of the incident, posted by The Daily Mail. It appears to show only a small part of the confrontation.

It appears the Iranian Navy may have to lose a ship or two before they learn there is a new sheriff in town.

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