BREAKING: Look What SICK Thing This Ivy League College Just Did to General Lee Memorial Right After It Was Vandalized

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Ever since alt-right protesters stood up for confederate monuments in Charlottesville, the far left has been trying their best to remove every single one—especially those of Robert E. Lee.

While many confederate statues represent that millions of Americans that died during the Civil War, those of General Lee stand above the rest. Being the leader of the Confederacy at the time, his statues are far more symbolic than the others.

It should come as no surprise then, that the far left and their Antifa allies have been vandalizing every single Robert E. Lee monument they can get their hands on. In fact, they’ve even been pressuring city mayors and governors to remove all of their confederate statues, and some have caved.

Baltimore, for example, already surrendered to the Antifa scum and their Muslims allies by removing four confederate statues in the dark of night. This move of cowardice has conservatives outraged, as we previously reported.

The city of Baltimore removed all four of its Confederate statues down in the dark of night, so that nobody could protest. “We moved quickly and quietly,” the mayor said. “…enough speeches [have been] made. Get it done.”

Catherine Pugh, the woman responsible for this eradication of our history, has a history of supporting anti-American causes and pandering to Antifa. A die-hard liberal, the mayor has frequently come under fire for being far too lenient on the black crime rampant through the city. This makes her a perfect Muslim ally.

Muslims understand that they need to “convert,” American leaders onto their side, and liberals are the dumbest and easiest politicians to convert. This is why it should come as no surprise that Pugh has decided to remove all of Baltimore’s confederate statues just 24 hours after CAIR and their Antifa allies demanded that they be torn down.

The left fully understands that in order to destroy America, they must first destroy our heritage. Their end goal is to censor history, so that we have nothing to remind us of our culture—then, we will be vulnerable and helpless.

Even though millions of patriots all across the nation have protested the ruthless censorship on the part of the left, still more liberal mayors and leaders have caved. Duke University, for example, just made a chilling announcement regarding their Robert E. Lee monument.

Just days after it was vandalized, they’ve decided to take it down—many are furious that a university in a traditionally Republican state, North Carolina, would cave into such ridiculous liberal demands. Unfortunately, however, it’s true.

Fox News reports:

Duke University announced that it removed a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee early Saturday after it had been vandalized.

The university, located in Durham, N.C., said it removed the limestone depiction of Lee from Duke Chapel amid a national debate about monuments to the Confederacy. A statue of Lee was at the heart of a violent protest last week in Charlottesville, Va., which turned deadly.

Heather Heyer, 32, was killed after a car drove into a crowd of people protesting the white nationalists who were demonstrating against the removal of a Lee statue.

James Alex Fields Jr., 20, has been accused of driving his car into a crowd of counterprotesters and has been charged with second-degree murder, among other charges.

University President Vince Price said in a letter to the campus community that he consulted with faculty, staff, students and alumni about the decision to remove the statue.

Officials discovered early Thursday that the statue’s face had been damaged by vandalism. Lee was among the 10 historical figures depicted at the chapel.

On Monday in Durham, protesters toppled a statue of a Confederate soldier during a rally against racism.

“I took this course of action to protect Duke Chapel, to ensure the vital safety of students and community members who worship there, and above all to express the deep and abiding values of our university,” the University President said in an email to faculty members, students, staff, and alumni.

“The removal also represents an opportunity for us to learn and heal. The statue will be preserved so that students can study Duke’s complex past and take part in a more inclusive future.”

Although the President criticized the vandals who desecrated the statue, his words aren’t very convincing, seeing that he removed it just days after.

The Left has gone full authoritarian, and is determined to wipe out every single last shred of our history. Now that they’ve successfully gotten leaders to surrender over confederate statues, they’ll be heading towards the founding fathers.

This will not stop until every single bit of American history is completely whitewashed. Liberals want to disenfranchise white folks, and are doing so by promoting this disgusting race-baiting agenda. It’s high time that conservatives begin speaking out, otherwise we may not be able to speak out very soon.

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