BREAKING: Vegas Survivor Says There Was A SECOND SHOOTER In The Crowd (Audio)

Las Vegas second shooter

After Stephen Paddock carried out the deadliest shooting in U.S. history, many have been wondering how he did it. Conspiracy theorists have gone wild with explanations, some even claiming that the CIA planned the attack—but one survivor has come out recently, and what she says is shocking.

According to the official mainstream media story, Stephen Paddock acted as a lone wolf—they claim that the 64 year old man was able to kill 58 people, and injure hundreds more, all without help. Many are beginning to doubt this however, as new information comes to light.

Paddock would have had to carry 33 rifles and assault weapons all the way up to his hotel room, without being noticed by security. He would have had to purchase these without suspicion, and without being added to any watch lists, and he would have had to obtain literally thousands of rounds of ammunition, and manage to smuggle those up past hotel security.

He would also have had to breach multiple 32nd floor windows, which are likely reinforced. Just this alone would likely be too much of a task for an elderly man, not to mention that he’d have to fight with the gusts of wind that occur at such high altitudes.

A caller to the Michael Savage show (click here to hear audio from the show) claims she was there when it all happened, and she’s adding fuel to the fire of this conspiracy. “I’ve never been in the military and I’m not a pro by any means,” she says, careful to note that her opinion isn’t an expert one…but what she heard was startling.

“There were shots that were higher pitched, there were shots that were lower sounding…and they were going at the same time,” she says. “The lower sounding shots were getting closer to us, and I’m thinking there’s somebody walking in the crowd shooting at us…and he was getting closer.”

“The officer got up and walked out, and I heard his radio,” she says adding that the officer radioed that there were “active shooters,” which is plural. Again, while this is certainly not a smoking gun, it’s beginning to make people wonder—did Stephen Paddock act alone? Or was he part of some larger conspiracy?

The caller, who identifies herself as Gale, says she believes there was a man going through the crowd, shooting at people in the crowd. “The shots kept going and going, and they would stop…and then they would start all over again,” she says. “It sounded to me like the shots were getting closer to us.”

“It sounded like somebody was actually walking from the crowd, from west to east through the crowd, and shooting,” she adds. “[The sounds] were on top of each other…the one that was lower kept getting closer to us…and I’m thinking oh my God, it sounds like there’s someone on the ground shooting.”

What’s so bizarre about this however, is that a girl next to Gale was shot from an impossible angle. “How could she get struck directly in her stomach from that direction?” Savage asks. “How could a bullet be coming from our right…make a 90 degree left turn, and go into her stomach?” Gale asks.

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