BREAKING: Watch the FULL INTERVIEW of Las Vegas Hotel Security Guard Jesus Campos on ‘Ellen’ (VIDEO)

Jesus Campos

Note: This article has been updated to include the full interview, released Wednesday afternoon.

The full interview has been released of the interview between Ellen DeGeneres and Jesus Campos, the security guard at the Mandalay Bay Hotel who witnessed Stephen Paddock’s actions during the deadly Las Vegas shooting. It is included below.

Campos appeared on today’s ‘Ellen’ show and give his account of the early moments of the shooting that killed 58.

In the clip, Campos describes being hit while in the hall just outside of Paddock’s hotel room. He was joined by Stephen Schuck, the hotel engineer, who walked into the hail of bullets from Stephen Paddock’s gun in the hallway just outside his room on the Mandalay Bay 32nd floor. His life was saved when Campos yelled out to him to take cover.

According to their interview, a woman on the same floor nearly walked into the shootout as well, but was warned by Campos to stay in her room.

Although he did not address it directly, DeGeneres said that Campos was reluctant to speak in public about the incident, which may have been why he canceled on planned interviews with Fox News’ Sean Hannity and other news outlets. She also said that Campos does not plan to give any more public interviews on the shooting and his experiences.

Here is the full interview, courtesy the Ellen Show official YouTube page.

We will continue to update this story as details develop.



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