BREAKING: Watch Newly-Released Police Body Cam Footage of YouTube Shooter Nasim Aghdam (VIDEO)

YouTube shooter

The Mountain View (CA) Police Department has released the entire body cam footage of their officers’ interactions with YouTube shooter Nasim Aghdam in the hours before the shooting. It can be seen below.

The release of the video is in response to criticism that the officers who spoke with Aghdam did not do enough to stop her from her rampage. As you can see in the video, however, Aghdam gave no indication that she was a threat. In fact, she played up the idea that she was trying to escape her family, and her father in particular.

According to the MVPD, they were not informed of any potential for violence. “At no point in either of our conversations did the family bring up any concerns about their daughter’s behavior, any potential violence she may carry out, or any likelihood that she could be a danger to herself or others,” they stated online.

This statement was released by the Mountain View Police Department via Facebook.

We would like to present to you, in their entirety, both of our officers’ footage of their interaction with the woman who would later be identified as YouTube shooting suspect, Nasim Aghdam. We are also sharing the phone call our dispatch center placed down to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, where we inquired further to find out just why Aghdam had been labeled “at risk” at the time she left her home. Furthermore, we are also providing a timeline breakdown of the entire interaction, which begins when one of our officers checks Aghdam’s license plate until the moment they part ways with her, roughly 17 minutes later.

All footage and radio traffic as well as the timeline can be viewed at the link here:

In all of this content, we have also provided some additional context on lingering questions, misunderstandings or follow-up inquiries we have received.

Here is the complete video as posted to YouTube.

Here is the video as posted to the Mountain View Police Department Facebook page.

We would like to present to you, in their entirety, both of our officers’ footage of their interaction with the woman…

Posted by Mountain View Police Department on Friday, April 13, 2018

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