BREAKING: We Just Discovered Why Hillary Has BIZZARE Twitches and Behavior, Check Out SECRET Drug She’s On


Sick Hillary

AFF reports:

America’s Freedom Fighters has definitive proof that Clinton’s health is under a constant and severe threat. Photos obtained from recent Clinton rallies have indicated that she is currently experiencing constant seizures due to a late-stage diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease.

Yesterday, AFF reported that Clinton has quite a mysterious handler who seems to be directing, comforting, and assisting her medical needs on the campaign trail. What we didn’t know was how serious of a condition he was there to assist her with.

This man is still unknown although the web has now reported pictures of him at several outings with Hillary – assisting the weak and tired candidate. The fact that the man gets on stage, touches Hillary and then tells her what to do next, is very questionable.

Today, we know Clinton’s deadly little secret:

Diazepam auto-injector pens are used for for Acute Repetitive Seizures — typically for someone with epilepsy or Parkinson’s.


In the photo, you can see rather clearly a small black auto-injector that is used to calm the nervous system — this injector passes along a chemical called Diazepam, a medication used to control seizures and other involuntary spasms.


The medication, a type of benzodiazepines, is highly addictive and has been known to put the body under extremes amount of stress and debilitation.  If you have ever seen someone have a seizure before then you’re probably aware of how disorienting and exhausting they are. Medications that suppress spasms like this are equally exhausting — they just hide the noticeable symptoms.

Here is what one user reported from his personal experience on the medication:

Those who are hooked on them already know that there is no going back. It’s like swimming out into the ocean and feeling good for the first time ever for those with anxiety problems and panic attacks. You don’t feel wrong in the head, you feel perfectly normal and wonder how the hell anyone could ever get addicted to the stuff. Then the current just sweeps you out and before you know it, you literally cannot go a day without it. You could potentially die if you do, and if you don’t die, you’ll want to…

The addictive properties of the drug are not just dangerous because of the dependency developed while using them, but they actually have incredibly dangerous withdrawals. Thousands of patients die yearly from misuse of these drugs, and as tolerance develops, the dosage is increased.

Few prescription drugs on the market — even when only considering psychoactive drugs — disorient the user as much as Diazepam.

If Clinton is on this drug, Americans have the right to know. She would be irrefutably unfit to lead.



Update: HILLARY CLINTON FREEZES IN FEAR – Secret Agents Tell Her To “Keep Talking”

Hillary Clinton freezes in fear at a rally – has to be told “keep talking” by a agent. There was a distinct look of fear on Hillary Clinton’s face as animal rights held up a large banner and yelled near her rally stage in Las Vegas today while the candidate spoke.

Agents sprang into action, with one of them possibly a ‘medical handler’ putting his arm around Clinton. “You’re okay,” he could be heard saying on the hot mic. “Keep talking,” he said as she stood in silence. This is the SAME man seen above holding the Diazepam injection pen in his hand.

This woman has no business running for the next president of the United States of America. Enough is enough.

ALSO, A MUST SEE: The Truth About Hillary’s Bizarre Behavior (VIDEO)

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