BUSTED: CNN CAUGHT Coaching Their ‘Focus Group’ – PATHETIC

CNN had Hillary Clinton winning the debate. You can see why as you watch this “moderator” coach the focus group members.

hhh, the Left was giddy over the newly discovered tapes of Trump’s locker room lewdness. Then the debate happened. And in that debate Trump wiped the Wash U floors clean with Hillary Clinton’s big white ass, and that left the media spinning. This is why CNN coaches their focus group:

Further, CNN’s poll had Clinton winning. What drugs do they serve in the Green Room at CNN!? When your chosen candidate does as badly as crooked Hillary, CNN must coach the focus group.


NOBODY with a brain could possibly believe crooked Hillary Clinton won that debate. Trump hitched her up her big white butt to the back the #TrumpTrain, then dragged her over to Chelsea’s Manhattan, white privileged, penthouse to recuperate from a severe ass-whoopin.

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