BUSTED! Hate crime blamed on Trump EXPOSED AS A HOAX

hate crime hoax

Another day, another fake hate crime is exposed.  Like all the previous hoaxes, the “hate crime” was committed by a liberal loon who wanted to frame Trump supporters for it.

According to a report in The Daily Caller, an arrest has been made in a “hate crime” against a church in Indiana. The crime occurred last November, right after the election. Gay slurs and Nazi graffiti were spray painted on a church, with the words “Heil Trump.” The incident was widely reported in the media as evidence of a new wave of racism and bigotry inspired by Donald Trump. Now we know the truth: THE CHURCH ORGANIST DID IT!

Here’s the scoop from The Daily Caller on the latest hate crime hoax.

A church organist was arrested Wednesday after he vandalized his own church with a swastika and pro-Trump graffiti in order to “mobilize a movement.”

George Nathaniel Stang, 26, admitted in a handwritten statement to spray painting a swastika, “fag church,” and “heil Trump” on St. David’s Episcopal Church in Bean Blossom, Indiana. “I suppose I wanted to give local people a reason to fight for good, even if it was a false flag,” Stang wrote, according to a local NBC report. “To be clear my actions were not motivated by hate for the church or its congregation. I of course realize now, this was NOT the way to go about inspiring activism.”

The incident occurred in November shortly after President Trump was elected and was widely covered by the press. The Washington Post reported on it and connected it to Trump’s victory, “The offensive graffiti at St. David’s is among numerous incidents that have occurred in the wake of Trump’s Election Day win.”

They also mentioned the vandalism in a piece entitled, “The postelection hate spike: How long will it last?” It was mentioned in 15 articles by The Post, yet, as of publication time, they have yet to write about Stang’s arrest.

The vandalism was also covered by CNN in the story “‘Make America White Again’: Hate speech and crimes post-election.” Just like the Post, CNN has yet to write an updated story.

It is important to note that the media, who salivates over every new report of a “Trump-inspired hate crime,” rarely reports on the incident being exposed as a hate crime hoax later on. The Daily Caller reported that they have covered at least five instances of fake hate crimes since Trump’s election.

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